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10 fantastic Chinese smartphones we will find out more this month!

China's mobile phone industry moves and evolves steadily, and no day goes by without new information, photos, and news about new products. This month is no exception, and we expect to see at least 9 new interesting smartphones!

10 fantastic Chinese smartphones we will find out more this month!

List smartphones must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • The smartphone has already been launched but it is very difficult to buy one,
  • The manufacturer has published teaser and the launch is near,
  • The smartphone will be launched within a few months

Let's start with a smartphone already launched on the market.

Live Xplay 3S

Live Xplay 3s

The Vivo Xplay 3S is the first smartphone in the world to have a 2K 2560 x 1440 resolution display. The smartphone is also equipped with 3GB of RAM, Snapdragon 800 processor, fingerprint scanner and 13 mega-pixel camera with F1.8 opening. XNUMX.

You will think that by producing a similar smartphone, Vivo is skilful of top sales rankings, but that is not the case! Vivid Xplay 3S has been delayed several times, and only very few units have recently been sold! The good news is that whatever Vivo's problems with production are now appear to be resolved, and large-scale sales should start shortly.

OnePlus One

OnePlusWe can not say with certainty that OnePlus One will be launched shortly, but we suspect that OnePlus has scheduled a series of teaser to be released periodically to keep the interest of users high.

The smartphone of this new company will be a top of the range "uncompromising", which the company is advertising with the slogan "never be satisfied", and will mount an Android ROM entirely made by the CyanogenMod team. We also know that, in addition to top-end hardware and software, the smartphone will be marketed at an advantageous price and on an international scale!

It seems that the first teaser will be released on March 6, and will probably contain information about the "uncompromising" smartphone processor. The details regarding the display, the battery, the camera and the rest will probably be announced weekly, until the launch date.

Xiaomi Mi3S

Xiaomi Mi3 S

The Xiaomi Mi3S is a smartphone we know will be presented not long, and we think that the presentation date might coincide with the upcoming Xiaomi festival. As you've already figured out, the Xiaomi Mi3S will not be a completely new smartphone, but a Mi3 upgrade. Upgrading your device may involve LTE connectivity, better cameras, and perhaps increased memory.

Xiaomi Hongmi 2

Xiaomi Hongmi 2

The Xiaomi Hongmi is still on sale, but it looks like a bit "old" compared to rival smartphones, and it seems that the company is preparing to launch its successor. Rumors indicate the April 9 as possible launch date for the new Xiaomi Hongmi 2!

Rumors also speak of a possible 5.5 inch display, octacor processor and perhaps 4G LTE connectivity, all at the competitive price that characterizes the Hongmi series. It also appears that we will assist in the launch of two different versions of the smartphone.

Nubia X6

Nubia X6

The launch of the new Nubia X6 top range is scheduled for the end of this month. We've already seen the smartphone featuring images, teaser and spy photos. The new model of the Nubia series should have a 5 display, and some rumors speak of an 2K 2560 x 1440 resolution, and there is a good chance that the processor will be manufactured by Qualcomm and that the device will have 4G LTE connectivity. It also talks about a mega-pixel 13 camera and an alloy body.

Oppo Find 7

Exclusive! Here are the full specifications of the FIND 7 Job!

The Oppo Find 7, the new highly anticipated top of the Chinese company Oppo, will launch the 19 March in Beijing. We already know that the smartphone will have a 5.5 inch display with 2K resolution, removable battery, memory expansion slot up to 128GB via micro SD, and LTE connectivity support. It also appears that the smartphone will have a processor made by Qualcomm and Android 4.3.

There are still several things we do not know about this new, amazing smartphone, such as the camera with which it will be equipped, which could even be a 50 megapixel sensor. We also know that two different versions of the smartphone, one with 2K display and one with Full HD display, could be marketed.


JiaYu G2F

JiaYu has finally announced the international version of the Jiayu G2F, an extremely low-cost smartphone. The device offers a quad-core processor from 1.3 Ghz MediaTek MT6582, RAM 1GB, 8 mega pixel back camera and a very stable ROM.

All the details about the new smartphone are available in our today's article.

iOcean G7

iOcean G7The 14 March iOcean will launch its new octacore processor phablet, the iOcean G7. With a 6.44-inch display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, the G7 is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to make the most of video games, video and reading.

The new phablet will also be available for international buyers.

JiaYu F1

JiaYu F1The JiaYu F1 will be another extremely cheap smartphone, selling for just $ 50 (36 euros) in China. The device offers a dual-core processor, 512mb of RAM, dual SIM support, 3G and support for GSM and WCDMA networks. The F1 will certainly not be a powerful smartphone, but it will certainly be a product appreciated by those who want to spend poco and have the "smart" functions of modern phones.

Meizu MX3 with Ubuntu

Meizu MX3 UbuntuMeizu brought a Meizu MX3 with Ubuntu operating system to the Mobile World Congress last week, and given the upcoming presentation that Meizu will hold in Paris on March 6, the MX3 with Ubuntu is likely to be officially launched.

Our sources also inform us of the addition of the Italian language to the Flyme ROM, which makes us think of an imminent launch in our country too!

10 fantastic Chinese smartphones we will find out more this month!

These 10 smartphones are what we expect to see in the coming weeks! Also during the year we will be launching the new Huawei D series D, Meizu MX4, Xiaomi Mi4, JiaYu S2, and all octacold smartphones that will mount the new MediaTek chip with LTE!

Here on Gizchina we will inform you as always of all the novelties!
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