20 + MIUI functions that you (perhaps) did not know


Managing Homes

With a pinch (pinch) with three fingers you can access homes management. It is possible to reorder them by holding them down and dragging them. You can set the default home by clicking on the icon of the house.

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Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global

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Turn on the flashlight without unlocking the phone

With the screen locked but lit, by holding down the central softkey, you will turn on the torch. By releasing the button immediately, the flashlight switches off. With a prolonged pressure, the torch will be on indefinitely.

Note: It does not work on the Xiaomi Mi5


Summary of notifications for a single application

When an icon appears with the notifications (badges) you can do it a double tap, access the list of Notifications of that single app. From this screen it is also possible with a swiper to delete every single notification. Capturing the notification will access the app.


Zoom in full screen an SMS

Within an SMS conversation, making a double on a message, we will see the contents enlarged and full screen. Useful not only for the visually impaired, but also to show a text message to someone.


Hide some SMS conversations

From the SMS list, starting from the first conversation, pull down until a padlock appears in the background. You could also use a second one hand because the function is deliberately little reachable. You will be able to manage hidden SMS conversations. Whether it is your pusher or your lover, you may want to keep some SMS conversations hidden and password protected.


Enable / Disable Preview in Multitasking

The preview of newly running (or recently used) applications, visible in multitasking by pressing the left soft key, can be enabled or disabled with a pinch (pinch) with two fingers.


Add widget

With a pinch with two fingers you enter the management of the home. New buttons will appear below, including the widget. Tappandolo will have the list of widgets grouped by application. In addition to widgets, other buttons will allow you to change the background and animations


Move or remove many apps at the same time

With a pinch with two fingers you enter the management of the home. By knocking down the individual icons, they will be positioned at the bottom, with an additional pinch on the newly moved icons, they will automatically ring. You can move this group of icons to a folder or drag it to the top (trash icon) to unzip them all together.



Quick access to settings

From the pushchair with the quick toggles, holding down a link (eg wifi), you will access the relevant section of the settings.


Automatically sort the icons

With a pinch with two fingers you enter the management of the home. Shaking the phone the icons will be organized by themselves occupying available space.

Do you want others? Then let's continue!


Quickly move an app between home

Hold down the app to moveinstead of moving the icon, use the other hand to slam the home. Releases the icon in the destination home.


Maximize brightness

Press simultaneously the menu softkey (the left one) and the volume up to instantly bring brightness to the maximum.


Make a screenshot of the phone screen

There are 2 methods:

  1. Press simultaneously the menu softkey (the left one) and the volume down
  2. Press at the same time the power button and the volume down

Pull down the notifications curtain

To pull down the notifications curve you do not have to go and pull it down, if you're in a home just a small swipe down the screen at any point.


Start Global Search

To make the global search appear, searching all over the phone is sufficient one swipe from bottom to top.


Rename a folder

To rename a folder is enough click on the name after you open it.


View details of an application

Assuming the application is running, opening multitasking and holding down on the application icon, you will access the details of the same, permissions management and notification management.


Quick access to notification management of an application

With an extended tap about notification of an application in the Notification Toll, you will quickly get to manage the notifications of that specific application


Quick switch from front to rear camera

In the camera application, making a swipe from top to bottom, but also the opposite, it will pass quickly from front to rear camera and vice versa.


Switch quickly from home to home

In the home, tapping on the dots (very small, I know) will go directly to its home. For example, taping on the last dot will go to the last home.


Expand a notification of the curtain

In the Notifications Tender, Doing with two fingers one swipe down on a notification, this will show the details (only apps that support it). For example, notification of 3 email, 3 emails will be displayed.


Access the alarms from the notification curve

Tapping on time in the Notification Tune you will be able to access the alarm settings


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not ready yet

I apologize for no longer working to sort the icons by shaking the phone, ripping 4 notes

not ready yet

I'm a xiaomi neophyte, I've just got a redme3 rom xiaomi.eu stable It happens to me that during the call the interlocutor suddenly does not hear me, as if the mute was activated. I have the impression that it only happens if I'm outside. How can I fix it? Thank you

not ready yet

Fantastic! I just ask for something that until now I found it unpleasant: I own a Xiaomi Redmi 4X for only 2 days and I noticed that often when I pull down the drop down menu of some applications, there is a yellow solo on top , as if it were a defect in the display. Then just the curtain goes back clean as before. Will it be a bug? for now I find myself very well and the infrared is a slut!

not ready yet

hi, I have a MI A2, it happens to me that if I share a contact via sms, do not send me a text message but a mms, how can I solve?

Carla Fileni
not ready yet
Carla Fileni

I just bought a Note 6 pro how do you remove the text that appears on the left of the photos?

Carla Fileni
not ready yet
Carla Fileni

Redmi note 6 pro recently purchased, I am fine, but how do you remove the writing on the left of the photos?

Carla Fileni
not ready yet
Carla Fileni

Thanks Simone Rodriguez

not ready yet

How can I make the weather and time widget reappear on the Home screen? Thanks!

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