96 € for BlitzWolf® BW-GD3 Gaming Desk

BlitzWolf® BW-GD3 Gaming Desk

€96 €200
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Gaming desk BlitzWolf® BW-GD3 waterproof, with RGB lights, headphone hook, cup holder, rack for games and controllers, eyelets for cable management, mouse pad included, measures 1190x640x770mm.

Model: BW-GD3
Black Colour
Dimensioni: 1190640770 mm
Weight: 25,7 kg
Load: 260 lbs


  • Strong and stable structure
    Z-shaped design feet maintain ultra-stable play process, eliminate vibration.
  • Large playing surface
    Elegant free carbon fiber construction to hold gaming monitors (max 40 inches), PCs, gaming keyboards and other gaming devices.
  • RGB colored light
    Connect the LED lighting to your gaming PC or laptop with a USB port, add shine to your exciting games, creating an immersive atmosphere.
  • Gaming handle rack with 4 USB ports
    Practical design to charge your phone, pad or headphones while working or playing
  • Ergonomic design, features designed for gamers
    This gaming desk comes with many additional features to help you have a better gaming experience. Such as a convenient cup holder, headphone hanger, cable grommets, storage box, USB holder for the game handle and an extra-large mouse pad for your gaming keyboard and mouse.

1 * Gaming Desk
1 * Cup holder
1 * Mouse pad
1 * Storage Tray
1 * Headphone Hook
1 * USB Gaming Handle Rack

Cristiano Cento

Cristiano Cento

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