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Xiaomi Huohou electric pepper mill at 20 € shipped for free from Europe!

Electric Pepper Mill Xiaomi Youpin Huohou Electric Automatic Salt and Pepper Mill Charger Version and Ceramic Grinding Core - Black

Xiaomi Youpin Huohou Electric Pepper Mill

€20 €35
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Small Parts

GeneralBrand: HuoHou
Type: Electric Grinder
Model: Charger Version - Black
Color: black
Small PartsProduct Name: Electric Grinder
Product Dimensions: Φ49x169mm
Net Weight: g 260
Product material: Plastic outer shell
Product colour: Black
Product model: Loader version
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 260g
Product size: 49 × 169mm
Package Contents1 x Xiaomi Youpin Huohou Electric Grinder
1 x user manual
1 x Type-C Charging Line (No Charger Plug)

* The pepper grinder is made with ceramic tip and ABS plastic lid, resistant to rust and corrosion, it will not affect the taste of the ground spices.
* 5 modes to adjust, just adjust the roughness of your spice from fine or coarse.
* Wireless battery
operated design * The grinder can be used with salt, pepper, pepper and other spices.
* 6000 cycles, the lifespan can reach more than 20 years
* No fear of high temperatures, 55 high temperature 48 hours without damage
* Please do not put the grinder in water or other liquid to avoid harm to the human body or the product.
* Please do not use this product in all flammable and explosive gases.

- Constant quality
Good overall performance, certain surface hardness, high elasticity and toughness, and good impact resistance. Light weight, corrosion resistant, light as the main material, can keep constant quality.

- Optional thickness
Rotate left and right, 5 stalls are optional, and the particle size can be adjusted according to personal preference or meal needs.

- The powder is more delicate
The output torque of the connecting rod is greater than, the no-load speed should reach 38r / min ~ 52r / min, start with one key, grind 10g for no more than 8 minutes and the food can be enjoyed immediately. When fully charged, continue grinding for no less than 30 minutes.

- Not easy to rust
No rust in the salt spray test for 72 hours. No fear of high temperatures. Strong drop resistance. Strong drop resistance.

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