Xiaomi Mijia STYTJ02HZM 1T Floor Cleaning Robot at 214 € shipped for free from EU

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Xiaomi Mijia STYTJ02HZM 1T Floor Cleaning Robot

€214 €450
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Robot vacuum / floor cleaner Xiaomi Mijia STYTJ02HZM 1T with VSLAM 3D navigation, S-Cross obstacle avoidance technology, map options, 3000Pa suction power, 5200mAh battery, app control and much more.

Main features:

● 3D S-crossTM for obstacle avoidance: 3D ToF distance measurement and obstacle prevention technology applied in an unattended field can quickly achieve distance measurement and obstacle avoidance.

● Intelligent three-dimensional environment perception: Not only can it quickly detect obstacles such as wire balls and slippers, but also slow down and intelligently avoid obstacles.

● Intelligent Space Measurement: The front ToF camera works together with the high-precision sensor to intelligently measure the space, in advance to avoid getting stuck in the bottom of the cabinet.

● VSLAM 3D visual navigation: By simulating neural network algorithms, dynamic detections can be maintained while traveling, route planning and map management are more intelligent and accurate.

● Intelligent Map Management: After completing the first cleaning tasks, the district map is automatically generated and editing of multiple maps is supported.

● CortexTM-A53 high-performance chip: Equipped with CortexTM-A53 quad-core processing chip, it can locate the precise position of the robot in real time and intelligently trace the working path.

● New sweeping and mopping matrix: The cleaning ability of the robot has been improved in all directions and the new sweeping and mopping matrix is ​​scientifically configured.
● 3000Pa strong suction: 3-gear suction mode. Japanese brand high-performance brushless motor provides continuous and strong excellent suction power.
● Suspended Suction Port + Powerful Main Brush + High Precision Filter: Large caliber suspension suction mouth adapts perfectly to the ground, with 0,1mm ultra dense fiber main brush and clean double layer filter .

● 5200mAh high capacity battery: The battery life in standard mode is 180 minutes, and the 240m super size house can be cleaned at the same time.

● Intelligent electric control water tank: Equipped with 250ml intelligent electric control water tank, no leaking. It can be towed wet for 160 m² of land by adding water once.

● 3-gear water volume control: To meet the needs of different floor cleaning, three water volume adjustments have been set to thoroughly clean all kinds of stains.

● Efficient collaboration of professional sensors: You can not only get more accurate and complete location information, but also maintain the safety of the route.

● Mijia APP Remote Control + Voice Control: Through the Mijia APP, you can check the cleaning progress in real time on your mobile phone, and you can also control and change regularly remotely. Voice control only supports the Chinese version.

specificationBrand: Xiaomi Mijia
Material: ABS, metal
Suction: 3000 Pa
Schedule function: Yes
Automatic recharge: Yes
Climbing capacity: 2cm
Black colour
Suction Mode: 4 Modes Dust Box Capacity: 550ml Duration: 180min
Application area: 240 m²
Water tank capacity: 250ml Water volume control: 3 gears APP control: Yes
Voice Control: Yes (only support Chinese version) Voltage: 110-240V Power: 40W
Battery informationBattery type: Li-ion battery
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
SizeProduct weight: 3,7 kg
Package Weight: 4,7kg
Product dimensions: 35,30 x 35,00 x 8,15 cm
Package Contents1 x Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Charging base
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Water tank
1 x Side Brush
1 mop cloth
1 x Manulare1 x CN plug (we will send you an adapter which according to your country)

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