5 tips to increase the autonomy of Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The evolution of Xiaomi's Mi Band has reached the fifth generation, without considering the variants that have accompanied past generations, confirming once again how much the small fitness tracker can satisfy sports users net of an economic price. In the last generation, that is the Mi Band 5, many new features have been added and those that were already present have been improved, but during the course of our tests, as reported in the textual review, we noticed that the autonomy has dropped slightly, forcing us therefore to recharge the wearable more often.

Surely the larger screen contributes to the decrease in autonomy: we do not want to create alarmism as the average 10 days are guaranteed, but in any case we can recover some mAh to see at least the two canonical weeks guaranteed. So we list 5 useful tips to get the most out of your Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

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1. Turn off the physical activity recognition option

Among the novelties of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 we find the possibility of automatic detection (only for running and walking) of physical activity. Wherever the system will recognize when we are exercising and will notify us to activate the monitoring of the related sporting activity. However, this leads to higher energy consumption so it is better to disable it, also because generally you will be the one to start monitoring the activity. To disable this function you will have to go to the OTHER menu of the Mi Band 5 and then scroll through the items Settings> Track Activity. Once inside, you just have to disable the option.

2. Disable the option to wake the display on wrist lift

Another way to get more autonomy is to disable the wrist gesture to wake up the display. As useful as this function can be, you often find yourself with the display turned on without wanting to, even if it is possible to calibrate the sensitivity of the rotation of the wrist. But in the end it is better to activate the display to see the information that interests us only when necessary, using the touch button. You can disable the function directly from the Mi Fit companion app.

3. Activate only necessary notifications

Undoubtedly being able to read, even for a few characters, the notifications coming from the smartphone is good and right but often we also make ourselves too slaves of this feature, enabling all sorts of notifications that will inevitably turn on the display also enabling the vibration, with consequent energy consumption. Since we cannot respond to notifications anyway and objectively not all those we receive are useful and interesting, it is better to limit them. So we recommend receiving only the strictly necessary notifications on your Mi Band 5, an option that you can always configure from the Mi Fit app.

4. Use a black background watch face

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has made a great leap forward compared to previous generations, adopting an AMOLED type display and with more generous dimensions, This means that we have a brilliance of colors but also of deep blacks. Therefore, as with smartphones, the LEDs remain off for the black color, so to optimize energy consumption we can take advantage of Watch Face that adopt a prevalence of this color.

5. Adjust brightness and switch-on time

Last, but not least, the advice we want to give you to increase the battery life of your Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is to finely adjust the backlight of the display and the switch-on time of the same. The wearable does not have a light sensor and therefore based on the level set, the display will always light up at the same intensity. The advice is to adjust the level to 4 or 5 (the maximum) so as not to have reading problems in direct sunlight, then set the display time to the minimum necessary for reading the data that interests you (in usually 4/6 seconds are more than enough).

To adjust the intensity of the backlight, from the Mi Band 5 itself go to the item More> Settings> Brightness, while to adjust the ignition time go to More> Settings> Automatic screen shutdown. We also recommend from the Mi Fit app to set the Night Mode, a function that automatically at a certain time or when the twilight varies, will automatically lower the backlight to a minimum at night.


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