70mai A800 is the new Xiaomi 4K dash cam with Dual-Vision technology: special debut on Indiegogo

With the arrival of summer it is almost impossible not to talk about road safety, considering that many will travel to tourist destinations in search of healthy relaxation after a year of work. Without going into particular statistics, considering that this year is decidedly particular in consideration of the lockdown period imposed by Covid-19, road safety also passes by having a dash cam, i.e. an electronic eye always alert on the road that allows you to record everything that happens during the trip by car.

So here is where the new 70mai A800 arrives directly on the Indiegogo platform through crowdfunding, or a 4K dash cam with Dual Vision technology, offered at a decidedly interesting price and which we now tell you through the main product specifications.


We are therefore faced with a car DVR camera that records videos and images in high definition, with a resolution up to 4K but the real reconstruction of this 70mai A800 lies in the integration of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) technology, as well as a renewed CMOS sensor supplied by Sony with the IMX415 model and a wide angle with a 140 ° view, for capturing details even in the blindest corners of the view. The integrated optics of the dash cam has an f / 1.8 aperture which, combined with Dynamic Noise Reduction 3D technology and an intelligent algorithm dedicated to noise reduction and exposure balance, will allow the capture of sharp images even in low light conditions and therefore in night vision.

70mai A800 is the new Xiaomi 4K dash cam with Dual-Vision technology: special debut on Indiegogo

Optionally, it is also possible to use a rear view camera to view what is happening in the back of our car, perhaps when leaving a parking lot or to get a general overview of what happens while the vehicle is moving. In fact, the 70s dasch cam is in operation even when the car is parked, monitoring the surrounding environment and starting a recording in the event of a collision. But returning to the integrated safety systems, we also find the LDW system (Lane Departure Warning), which will warn us when the car begins to skid, invading other lanes while the anti-collision system, uses a special algorithm that monitors the distance from the car in front, warning us in time when the collision risk becomes high.

The videos captured by the dash cam are saved on a micro SD support with a maximum capacity of 128 GB, through a continuous overwriting system, but if necessary the videos can also be saved if we need them as well as being able to be managed through the app companion via integrated WiFi.


But let's get to the interesting part of the product 70mai A800, or the asking price on Indiegogo, for which 84 euros are needed. The good thing is that this platform allows access to anyone unlike Youpin which remains exclusive to Chinese users. At the price of 101 euros, however, you can buy the complete package, which also includes the rear chamber reeds (model RC06). The fundraising campaign will end in about a month and will therefore start shipping from September 2020.


-54% 70mai A800 is the new Xiaomi 4K dash cam with Dual-Vision technology: special debut on Indiegogo

70mai 1S Dash Cam D06 1080P English Voice Control IMX307 Sensor 130 Degree from Xiaomi Youpin

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1 months ago

The 70mai pro model is very interesting, also because it is not bulky, too bad it does not have the possibility of a rear camera, I hope one day they will implement this possibility too.

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