Xiaomi Dreame Bot W10 Floor cleaning robot at € 693 shipped free from Europe!

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dreame Bot W10

€693 €1000
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dreame Bot W10

€929 €1000
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

The new and very powerful Xiaomi Dreame Bot W10 floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner, with emptying base and self-cleaning also of the mops that after work will self-clean and even dry in its charging base.

Dreame Bot W10 Robot vacuum cleaner and self-cleaning mop

Hard on the mess. Easy for you.
Equipped with two rotating mats and a maximum suction of 4.000Pa *, the W10 tackles the most stubborn dirt and stains at maximum speed.
suction, W10 tackles dirt and stubborn stains at the same time.
at the same time. Applying ION (Newton) * of pressure a
running 180 times per minute * ensures that
stains are thoroughly cleaned.

Scrubs and washes automatically.
When the bearings become dirty, the W10 automatically reverts to
to the pelvis. The bearings are sprayed with water and then
they turn quickly against small grooves to remove dirt.
Meanwhile, a nozzle at the bottom of the basin settles
dirty water in the waste water tank for
prevent cross contamination.

The automatic drying system prevents mold.
When the cleaning cycle is complete and W10
returned to his base for the last time, i
pads are rinsed and then dried with warm air for
prevent the formation of mold or bacteria.

Big capacity, huge coverage.
Two 4-liter water tanks, one for clean water and the other
for dirty water, eliminate the need for frequent topping up or
ing. With a huge 6400mAh battery, the W10 cleans up to
300M on a single charge.

Aims. Measures. Maps.
W10 updates a map of its surroundings faster than before thanks to an updated LiDAR-based SLAM navigation system, even in the dark. It also creates systematic cleaning paths and stores up to 3 floors.
* 12x: Compared with the Dreame Bot series and tested by the Dreame lab. Actual performance
will vary according to different home environments.

Along the walls, around the corners.
W10 hugs walls and corners better thanks to its D-shaped design
design. The side brush catches debris from the edge and the
19,2cm oversized roller covers more area. Meanwhile,
the powerful 4.000Pa suction removes dirt
and dust more effectively.

Choose the right mode.
Choose between 3 modes via the app to vacuum, clean,
and all-in-one cleaning to create the ideal cleaning session.
Sweep the rugs, mop the bathroom, or vacuum
and clean hard floors.
(All-in-one cleaning

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