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152 € for BlitzWolf® BW-OC1 Office Chair with COUPON

Office Chair BlitzWolf® BW-OC1

152€ 120€
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Office Chair BlitzWolf® BW-OC1 reclining up to 150 degrees, integrated headrest, removable lumbar cushion, retractable footrest, PU surface for easy cleaning.

Model: BW-OC1
Color: Black
Material: PU / Sponge / PP Cotton
Weight: 18kg
Reclining: Max 150 °
Height Adjustment: 50.5-58 cm (19.8-22.8 in)
Pillows: Removable Lumbar Pillow
Manufacturer's Suggested Maximum Weight: 150kg


  • 150 ° Max Reclining
    Push down the back lever on the right side of the seat and adjust the back to the desired angle
  • Adjustable Seat Height + 360 ° Swivel
    Customizable for free and comfortable sitting experience
  • Superior Padding + Removable Lumbar Pillow
    PU Surface: durable and easy to clean
  • Retractable Footrest
    Kick back and relax after a long day
  • Sit Firmly and Securely
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Cristiano Cento

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