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122 € for BlitzWolf® AirAux AA-SAR3 Soundbar and Subwoofer with COUPON

Soundbar and Subwoofer BlitzWolf® AirAux AA-SAR3

122€ 299€
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Soundbar and Subwoofer BlitzWolf® AirAux AA-SAR3 with 120W of total power, different equalization presets, AUX, optical port, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB.

  Brand  AirAux 
  Model  AA-SAR3
  Color  Black
  Plug  ME, US
  Power  120w
  Audio Output Power  30W * 2 + 60W
  SpeakerSize  2 * 2.75inch
  Subwoofer size  5.25inch
  Length  Soundbar: 76H * 78D * 860L mm Subwoofer: 115W * 420H * 250D mm
  Volume Control  Yes
  Remote Control   Yes (Not included the battery)
  Bluetooth Version  V5.0
  Transmission distance  33 feet (10m)
  Bluetooth Frequency  2402MHz-2480MHz
  Frequency Response  45Hz-20kHz
  Signal-to-Noise Ratio  72dB
  Impedance  4Ω * 2 + 6Ω
  Power Input  110V-240V ~ 50Hz / 60H
  Connect Method  BT / AUX / HDMI TV (ARC) / OPT / USB
Package Included:
 1 * BlitzWolf® AirAux AA-SAR3 120W bluetooth V5.0 Soundbar 
 1 * Subwoofer
 1 * Remote Control (Not included the battery)
 1 * Power Line
 1 * Screws
 2 * Plastic Anchors
 2 * Stickers
 1 * Cable
 1 * User Manual
Cristiano Cento
Cristiano Cento

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