8H Smart Shoe Cabinet in crowdfunding: the heated and sterilizing smart shoe cabinet

The 8H brand, which is part of the Xiaomi family, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for the new 8H Smart Shoe Cabinet, a smart shoe rack with a price of 1899 yuan, about 120 euros at the exchange rate.

8H Smart Shoe Cabinet in crowdfunding: the heated and sterilizing smart shoe cabinet

The smart shoe cabinet comes with a powerful built-in dual power system which takes into account various changes in temperature and humidity to make intelligent adjustments in real time. For example, when the overall temperature in the shoe cabinet is above 42 ° C, the PTC heating equipment stops working. When the temperature is below 42 ° C, the heating restarts, so that the shoe cabinet always works at a constant temperature of 42 ° C, which should extend the life of the shoes.

The 8H Smart Shoe Cabinet can obviously be connected to the Mijia app and can be controlled remotely via a smartphone. Even seniors who are not very familiar with technology can easily use it with a sentence through XiaoAI's virtual assistant.

The 8H Smart Shoe Cabinet comes with a total of four operating modes:

  • Automatic mode, that is, it takes care of your shoes once or twice a week;
  • The drying mode, i.e. PTC heating, with a constant temperature drying that will not damage the shoes. After exercise or rainy days, goodbye sweaty or wet shoes.
  • Sterilization mode, i.e. double sterilization with ultraviolet light and ozone, for a long-lasting antibacterial treatment and use of deodorant 1-2 times a week.
  • Air drying mode, that is, low temperature reduction and natural air drying, which can protect the upper, making the shoes dry and more durable.

Finally, the shoe cabinet is made of 201 stainless steel alloy, with a metal cabinet but with a solid wood feel. Partition design can hold a total of 22 pairs of shoes.

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17 April 2021 17: 55
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