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Amazon challenges time: deliveries with Prime are now faster than ever

The speed of Amazon Prime deliveries has reached new heights, with significant improvement that seems almost unbelievable. The e-commerce platform continues to evolve, always keeping the user experience at the center, especially in terms of speed e efficiency. There is no doubt that at this rate it will continue to grow even more, leaving behind that it is unable to adapt to market demands: speed and customer care.

Amazon Prime: deliveries are always faster

Recently, Amazon announced that the Prime service passed a major milestone in the first three months of 2024, delivering over 2 billion articles the same day or the following day. This result represents a significant step forward compared to the previous year, consolidating Amazon as a leader in shipping efficiency.

In the United States, as evidenced by The Verge, nearly 60% of Prime orders were delivered same-day or next-day in sixty of the largest cities. This data shows how Amazon is doing pushing increasingly on delivery times, reducing them to the minimum possible. Let's be clear: with Amazon Prime, fast deliveries are extremely convenient and we live in an era where we want all e immediately.

digit, Amazon's humanoid robot, and employee of the company

There is no shortage of news in Italy too. Shipping has been introduced “Delivery Today” for certain postal codes, which promises to bring the package to the customer's home by 22pm on the same day. Furthermore, towards the end of 00, it was Deliver my day option launched, designed to give Prime users more control over the receipt of their purchases, allowing them to choose the exact day for delivery.

How much more can you push the delivery accelerator without it negatively impact the environment or on the quality of the service? We actually already have an answer: Amazon Second Hand which allows you not to rely on a new product and reuse one already purchased from third parties. Now what will be the next step for Amazon in this path of constant improvement?

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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