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23 Aprile: is this the launch date of the Xiaomi tablet?

For a large and famous company like Xiaomi it is difficult to keep everything under track, but so far it has succeeded objectively quite well. Today the image of a new device has emerged that we hope will be the long awaited one Xiaomi tablet.

For months and months we heard voices and rumor of a Xiaomi tablet, but so far the largest launched device was the Xiaomi Redmi Notes from 5.5 inches. The next 23 April it might be the D-Day? Today Xiaomi has published this teaser image on his Weibo profile, saying that "something unexpected will be presented next April 23"[The same day as the OnePlus One].

At first glance the device looks similar to Apple Magic Trackpadbut seen and considered Xiaomi's not familiar with PCs (except for routers!) we do not think it's a device of that type.

Lenovo Yoga

So is it maybe the legendary Xiaomi tablet? Well the design is similar to the one of the Lenovo Yoga, with the basal part for the main screen support. However, it could also be a new router (which has been heard in recent days) or even a new phone ... who will live, will see!


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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