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Chinese manufacturers ship over 101 million smartphones to the Q2

New statistical research coming from Digitimes Research reports that Chinese manufacturers have sold 101.7 million smartphones in the past three months, a truly remarkable figure. There is talk of an increase of 24.6% compared to the last quarter.

Xiaomi, Huawei and Coolpad were the stars of these excellent sales, selling 14.8 million, 13.5 million and 10.1 million smartphones respectively, as reported by Digitimes. In addition, among 101.7 millions of smartphones sold, well 37.8 million came out of the Chinese market, with an increase of 10.2 million compared to last quarter.

The leading sales companies in foreign markets were Huawei, ZTE and TCL, who also market their products here in Europe with the Alcatel brand. In addition, most of these companies postponed the launch of 4G LTE smartphones next quarter, so expect a further increase in sales, which should lead to an estimated annual total of 412 million smartphones sold by Chinese manufacturers.

If the data were confirmed, it would be an increase of 30.5% compared to last year's sales. Unbelievable! The big ones in the industry are doing well to prepare, Chinese telephony seems quite unstoppable.


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Simone Rodriguez
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