Forza 4 smart is the new remake of the famous Xiaomi board game!

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Who among us has never played at strength 4? It is true, perhaps nowadays it is no longer a current game but surely we all know it and many will be happy to know that today there is the possibility to play it in the Smart 3D version thanks to Xiaomi! here is the Forza 4 Smart!


In the package we find:

  • 36 white cubic tokens (magnetic)
  • 36 black cubic tokens (magnetic)
  • Base on which we will play formed by a pad divided into a 5 x 5 grid
  • Type C power cable (you will need a classic 5v x 1A power supply)
  • Instruction book (unfortunately only in Chinese)

We will have the opportunity to have fun with 2 different games: the classic Force 4 (but managed in 3 dimensions) e L.


The rules are very simple, you will have to line up 4 cubes of the same color vertically, horizontally or diagonally. They can be on the same level (in the various levels) or diagonally. It is a little difficult to explain but very easy to understand. Here I post the photos that will make you better understand how you have to position your pawns to win.

You will have the opportunity to play one on one, against the computer (with 3 different game difficulties) or online via the application.

PAD power on, game selection mode
  • One against One: when the PAD is switched on, click on the illuminated square at the bottom left and the 1 Vs 1 mode will start. game choice
  • Against the computer: when turning on the PAD, click one of the 3 illuminated buttons on the left column to enter the Vs computer mode (easy first button, medium second button and hard third button). You will first have to confirm with the middle button, then place the first piece. At this point, the one chosen by the computer will flash where you will have to put the computer token. Of course the rules are always the same.
  • Against the computer via app: download and install the “smart four - by GiiKER” application, enable BlueTooth and position on the phone, open it and click on AI MASTER. At this point it will connect with the PAD and you can start playing and in the meantime view the game progress on your smartphone. In this mode you will not be able to choose a game level, it will be very difficult to win ..
  • Online Battle: after registering on GiiKER you can play against an opponent online (and I assure you that you will find some ..). To register but also to play you will have to click on ONLINE BATTLE

To reset each game just click on the central button (GiiKER) and I remind you that to place the various pieces you will have to physically click on the various buttons, it will not be enough to support it to make the choice effective.


Here the rules are simple, but winning won't be the same. The aim of the game is to turn off all the positions that are on, by clicking on a button if it is on it will turn off, if it is off it will turn on and the same goes for the 4 positions that are on the 4 sides of the pressed button.

  • Lights Out: when the PAD is turned on, click on one of the 3 illuminated buttons on the right column, the first at the top for the easy mode, the second medium and the third for the hard one.

Lights Out is a very interesting game where logic is king. Great for keeping our brains in training, therefore absolutely recommended for all those who love this type of games. Let's say that the combination of these two games, the ability to play alone against the computer (artificial intelligence), online or in company makes this product, remember Xiaomi ecosystem, a nice gift for our children and why not, also for ourselves.

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