Xiaomi MI 7 protagonist of further rumors: new details on the screen fingerprint sensor emerge!

Xiaomi, tireless, has plans to release a new flagship device in the coming weeks and, according to reports from our sources, it will probably be the My 7. We are talking about a top of the absolute range, protagonist of many rumors for some time now, thanks to which we have got to get more of an idea about what Xiaomi has in store for his fans.

Among the many anticipations that have followed, surely the most fought concerns the security features smartphone. The preponderance of borderless devices necessarily means that the fingerprint sensor has to move to the back. Although in this position the scanner is quite effective (so much so that many manufacturers place it voluntarily on the back cover, despite having frames available), it is certainly not as comfortable as having it on the front. In fact, it is not possible to unlock the smartphone when it is placed on a table or housed on a car holder, for example. Manufacturers are therefore looking for alternative solutions, essentially based on the two most innovative technologies of the moment: 3D facial recognition e scanner integrated under the screen. Regarding the latter, the good news is that Synaptics has announced the mass production of front fingerprint sensors, admitting yesterday that at the moment Xiaomi is not among the companies that have requested them for the next supplies. This would suggest an abandonment of the solution by the Beijing manufacturer, in favor of 3D facial recognition. But once again new renderings of the smartphone have appeared online, suggesting that perhaps Mi 7 still has a lot to say from this point of view and creating some confusion among the insiders.

Xiaomi MI 7 protagonist of new rumors: new details emerge (and the on-screen fingerprint sensor returns!)

Looking at these images the presence of a fingerprint sensor on the screen is evident. The sensor has been positioned near the area dedicated to recalling the smartphone menu. We are therefore faced with a new anticipation, certainly to be taken with benefit of the doubt, especially considering that it is in strong contrast with the previous renderings.

But the new images provide cues to make other observations, for example in relation to the optical system placed in the back, which sees the main element in the double lens. Again, the double cameras are positioned horizontally in contrast to the vertically positioned cameras we saw in previous renderings (here). Of course, here too, we are talking about rumors and not official data, and we expect speculations to keep growing until Xiaomi reveals the 7 Mi to the market.

Xiaomi MI 7 protagonist of new rumors: new details emerge (and the on-screen fingerprint sensor returns!)

Having said that, summing up the previous anticipations we have witnessed to date, Xiaomi Mi 7 should have the newest processor Snapdragon 845, a borderless display from 5,65 inch with proportions 18: 9, double glass that goes to "embrace" a metal frame, support for wireless charging and many other features that we will discover as soon as possible.

The specifications complete 6 GB of RAM and ROM from 64 GB or 128 GB. As for the cameras, the 7 Mi should offer a combination of rear lenses from 12MP + 20MP with IMX380 + IMX350 sensor. The device will be supported by a 3200 mAh battery and will work on MIUI 9.

In addition to this, the rumors also suggest that there will be a Plus version of this smartphone.

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Max Power
Max Power
3 years ago

I don't know… ..in my opinion they are fake !!

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