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Liectroux YW509 say goodbye to the most annoying thing... washing windows!

Objectively, the household chores are more or less all a bit annoying, but there is one that wins big...: washing the windows! It seems like you need a degree to succeed in the business, but I never succeed! From today, however, you can say goodbye to this annoying operation thanks to the Liectroux YW509, a fully automatic and very easy to use window cleaning robot. Let's see what it's all about!


The box that contains the product, well packed, will arrive inside another external cardboard box. Let's say that there won't be any problems with transport. Inside the package we find:

  • Window cleaning robot
  • Power supply unit + cable with ITA plug, cable extension
  • A container of water to fill the tanks
  • A spray bottle to moisten the cleaning cloth
  • An additional microfiber cleaning cloth (one is already installed)
  • Instruction booklet (in English)
  • Remote control


Very practical, in fact it will only be enough to fill the 2 side tanks with water WITHOUT detergent. Near them we find 2 sprayers which will be used to spray water on the glass during washing. On the back we will instead have to spray on the cleaning cloth, with the help of the sprayer supplied, a little water and window cleaner (whatever you usually use is fine). The manufacturer's advice is to dispense 5 sprays on the top and 5 on the bottom of the cloth. If there is excess water, remove it with a dry cloth. Of course, if the glass is dirtier you will have to spray more water and, vice versa, if it is less dirty, less water. Finally, you will only have to connect the power cable to the dedicated input, screw it and fix the safety rope at any point. The rope is absolutely recommended if your window cleaning is done from outside the house with the risk that the robot could fall and injure someone. If the washing operation does not have this risk, you can also not use it or use it but be careful to adjust its length (obviously it must not be too long otherwise it would become useless).

As for the power cord, in the package we also find an extension cord that you will have to connect if the distance between the power outlet and the furthest point of the window to be cleaned is not covered by the length of the main cable (the one directly connected to the power supply)

HOW IT WORKS Liectroux YW509

The operation is very simple, the suction motor (under the circle with the holes) will create a vacuum to allow the robot to stay attached to the glass. The 2 rubber tracks will allow it to move, the nozzles next to the tanks will spray the water and the square microfibre cloth will clean it. The 4 black feet placed at the ends are the anti-fall sensors. Before using it, connect it to the power supply and check that the LED above the power button is BLUE. If it flashes blue and red then it means the backup battery needs to be charged, so leave it plugged in for about an hour.

As far as the specifics of the glass to be cleaned are concerned, 3 things are important: that it is vertical, more often than 4 mm and the area to be cleaned is at least of 50x70cm. If the glass is very dirty, first clean an area as large as the size of the robot, and start it from there. These are the specifications reported but in my case I tested it with a smaller size and there were no problems.

To activate it, it will be necessary to attach it to the window and press the power button, wait for it to attach and at that point the washing will begin (in the N which is the default one)


Suction power3000Pa
Wattage (W)65w
Voltage (V)100-240VAC
Warranty1 Year
ApplicationDO NOT
Battery (back up)500mAh
Remote controlSi
Bordered windowApplicable
Cleaning speed 2.4 minutes per square metre
Anti fallSi
Water tanksDouble
Glass thickness>4mm
How to consume it65W, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz


There are 3 cleaning modes: N - Z - N+Z. The first will be used for vertical windows in fact the robot will follow an N path, up and down. The second for horizontal windows (let's say very wide) here the robot will follow a Z path, right left. In the third method it will start with a vertical cleaning and then horizontally. This mode is perfect for those who have large and particularly dirty windows.


The remote control will allow us to remotely control our robot, specifically the commands are:

  • Forward – backward keys (first at the top): Start with the Auto Mode N from the left or from the right
  • Directional keys: to make it work in manual mode, then control it with a real Joystick
  • Play-pause button: to pause and restart them
  • Water keys: to spray water automatically or manually
  • N key: Enable N mode
  • Z button: Enable Z mode
  • N+Z key: Enable N+Z mode

HOW DOES Liectroux YW509 CLEAN

Having no terms of comparison with other robots of this type, I cannot make comparisons, but I can do them with my manual cleaning method and I can guarantee you that it cleans much better than me! The thing I liked is that it doesn't leave streaks and those annoying lint that I usually find when I wash myself (but it should be considered that I'm absolutely not practical with this type of cleaning and I probably don't use the right accessories). what I liked is the very limited noise and this could be useful for those who have large windows to clean. Even the speed is not bad, my small windows are cleaned in just a few minutes.


Having said that our Liectroux YW509 cleans well, now we need to consider how much time saved by not having to wash the windows is worth to you! For me a lot, so considering the purchase price which is around €200 but thanks to our discount code and our partner site GEEKBUYING (which we thank for sending the sample) you can take it home for around €120, then it really becomes an offer to be seriously evaluated (not to mention seized). Below I leave you the direct link to the product and the coupon. I remind you that the shipment will take place, free of charge, from a warehouse Europe (therefore without the risk of having to deal with annoying customs taxes) in about 3-4 working days. The payment, on the other hand, can be made, to protect your purchases, via PayPal.

LIECTROUX YW509 window and glass cleaner robot

119€ 199€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

LIECTROUX YW509 window and glass cleaner robot

124€ 199€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
9 Total score
To buy!

A great help for the worst nightmare, washing the windows!

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Low noise
  • Very good final result
  • Double clean water tank
  • Practical and functional remote control
  • Not usable on small windows
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