Geekbuying March Megasale
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Geekbuying prepares for spring with its usual March sale with a mega-event active until April 14th is that it involves products of all categories: consumer electronics, tablets, smart cleaning, laser engravers, power stations, electric mobility, etc.

The event will last until Easter and will be divided into different phases with different timing, we advise you to visit the shopping guides than having a more detailed picture to make you find yourself prepared at the right time.

Shopping guide

Sign up and immediately receive $20 in coupons

The first thing to do is register for the event on this page to instantly receive $5 (minimum spend $50) and $15 (minimum spend $200) sitewide coupons.


Collect the early bird coupons

On that same page you will find some early bird coupons to be redeemed and used on specific categories plus one for $30 (minimum spend $350) which is valid for the whole site.


Take advantage of the Flash Sale

Inevitable in every promo they are the flash offers that for a limited period see the prices of many products drop across all categories.


Purchase and receive discount coupons

Finally, on this section you can find a selection of products that once purchased will allow you to receive new ones $10, $30 and $50 coupons

In case you are about to buy a new robot vacuum cleaner, an electric scooter and any electronic product, dedicate 10 minutes to check if your favorite product is on offer on Geekbuying which ships most of the products fast from the warehouse in Europe. Visit also the coupon page, always active, where you could find other offers even after the event.

Simone Rodriguez

Simone Rodriguez

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