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Xiaomi's next smartphone could be launched on July 22

The news of the day is that Xiaomi's next smartphone, perhaps the Mi3S or Mi4, could be announced on July 22.

The Xiaomi Mi3 is still the top of the company's current range, which continues to show its great success even one year after its launch. Xiaomi has sold 10 million of Mi3 since the device went on sale, thanks also to incredible price cuts and the introduction of new colors.

However, despite the fact that the Mi3 is a great smartphone, it starts to look a bit old compared to other leading Chinese models, such as the OnePlus One, the Oppo Find 7 or the Vivo Xshot.

Xiaomi might be ready to launch the new device, which, according to our sources (both ours and Weibo), could be launched on July 22.

Usually Xiaomi announces launching events well in advance so that Mifan can prepare, while this alleged launch would still be kept secret a few weeks after the alleged date. It also appears that Mi3's stocks are close to exhaustion, which might make us think of launching a Mi3S rather than a Mi4.

A possible Mi3S could add LTE connectivity, more RAM, and possibly an improved camera to the current model by placing Xiaomi in a cheaper alternative to the top top range, pending the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4 that we believe could happen in October.

The launch event this month may also serve to unveil the vociferated Xiaomi Mi Band, the alleged first wearable device of the company, which has been the subject of various rumors over the last few weeks.



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