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Xiaomi officially arrives in Indonesia!

In recent days Xiaomi had made its first draft of an official portal for the Indonesian market. We have talked about the debut of Xiaomi on this new market over and over again, in fact, the arrival of official entry does not affect us but rather the timing with which this announcement was made.

Hugo Barra had already begun to assume that sooner or later the Xiaomi band would also have launched the Indonesian soil. However, the widespread message through social issues leaves no doubt "we are happy to announce that it is coming to me officially in Indonesia".

The point to note is the choice, already adopted for launching on the Indian market, to use the international name rather than the original one, "Mi" rather than "Xiaomi".

Another interesting aspect concerns the image you see here and which was published by the Xiaomi team on its Indonesian facebook page. The post would seem to suggest a seemingly short-term launch of a 5-inch phone with dual-SIM support. We are not aware of any Xiaomi dual-sim 5 ”at the moment, will it be a surprise exclusively for Indonesian users?

Xiaomi Indonesia

The message reads "What is the most appealing smartphone for the 2000000 (Indonesian) rupees?". Since the 5 Xiaomi inches are only two, Mi3 and Mi4, and that 2 millions of rupees equate to around 122 euro, we feel that the phone in question may be the Mi4.

The advance of Xiaomi continues unperturbed ...


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Simone Rodriguez
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