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Xiaomi ready to launch portable batteries from 5200mAh to only 5 $ (3,70 euro!)

New rumors see Xiaomi in the process of expanding its range of portable batteries, adding a well-proportioned 5200mAh model to the undisputed digit of 5 dollars, 3 euros and 70 cents at the exchange rate!

Last month Xiami had already made headlines with the launch of a 10,400mAh portable battery at the incredible price of 69 Yuan (8 euros). Just enough time to grab attention all over the world, and already today the Chinese giant takes off again by announcing a new, even cheaper version!

Xiaomi Power Bank
The new model will offer half the charge capacity of the original, which is still more than enough to recharge our devices, be they smartphones or tablets, and it should not be forgotten that half the capacity will pay half the price!

Xiaomi Power Bank

The rumors that inform us of this new product also suggest that it should enter the market in different colors!
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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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