Enable the MIUI Weather Widget in Italy

MIUI Weather is one of those applications serial in the original version of MIUI which does not work outside of China. It is a real shame because aesthetically it is very well made and goes well with MIUI graphics, but also because some applications rely on this service to visualize the weather (Ex. The Theme Study).For a while, the MIUI.es team, the Spanish MIUI, has been working on creating an ad hoc version to work in major European countries, but for me this version has never worked.

Getting help is a wonderful Weather App, BurgerZ incorporating the Support for MIUI Widgets. Once activated the option magically we will see the widget animate Weather 2 × 4 and the theme window Study. Very easy!

BurgerZ SettingsWidget Weather 2x4Theme Study

But BurgerZ is not much more !, is one of those applications that you wonder that it is not paid!

  • The app's graphics are clear and pleasant.
  • It is completely translated into Italian.
  • It is possible to choose between 3 different weather services: Foreca, Weather underground and Accuweather
  • Each weather condition is associated with an animation. It is possible to download additional ones.
  • The app icon is dynamic and always displays the temperature and graphically the weather conditions.
  • There are many well-made and interactive widgets, even better than the MIUI.

Try it and let me know!

BurgerZ Widget

BurgerZ ScreenShootBurgerZ Icon

[pb-app-box pname = 'pro.burgerz.weather' name = 'Android App Погода BZ on Playboard' theme = 'discover' lang = 'it']

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Hi I followed your guide but when I try to enable WIDGET MIUI and at the time of installing the packages it does not go: /
When I click INSTALL PACKAGES, it comes out written ERROR ANALYSIS
How do I fix it?

not ready yet

Hi Simone, sorry I followed your Wheather Bz guide, but I see from your screenshots that you have the weather in Italian (Cloudy) while I'm in English (Party Cloud) maybe because I have a multilingual mouse? I have a RedRice device.
Thank you

Michelangelo Brunetti
not ready yet
Michelangelo Brunetti

Depends on the weather provider.
Try changing it and you'll see that it puts the info in Italian


[...] Enable the MIUI Weather Widget in Italy [...]


[...] the weather app is important because it provides the necessary weather and lockscreen support. Until today we had to "arrange" with [...]


[...] Includes many soft-toned icons and a truly unique lockscreen with a large clock and weather support (For info on BurgerZ Weather guide). [...]


[...] remember those of iOS7, however, all very beautiful. If you have enabled the Weather MIUI (via BurgerZ) you can view the weather in the lockscreen. [...]

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