Here is the new build of MIUI based on Android 13, but not for everyone

Let's face it: Android 12 it was a pink apostrophe between a Xiaomi and a Redmi device. Paraphrasing a well-known song, we can say that the current update on most devices is just a "transit" update to reach the next one Android 13. In fact, as we know, the thirteenth version of the operating system is in the pipeline. Xiaomi has moved forward by releasing the first build DEV of MIUI (“Developer”, therefore for developers) for the Xiaomi 12 series. For which devices? Clearly only for the top of the range.

The Xiaomi 12 series is updated to Android 13 in China: the first build for DEV with MIUI 13 is out. Android 12 is just an apostrophe

Xiaomi unexpectedly released the firmware MIUI 13.1 provisional, built on the basis of the latest version of the Android 13 operating system. It is already available for download, however, with a number of hardware and regional restrictions. In fact, as we anticipated, the update is only for internal developers (hence, the DEV extension in the name of the update) and only for the devices of the latest Xiaomi 12 series.

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So far users can only download the trial build of the firmware with the number MIUI V13. in China for Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro smartphones. This update is built on the basis of the third "beta" of Android 13. There is still no information, for now, about the upcoming Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones that should update to Android 13. However , according to the official release schedule disclosed by Google, we know that the operating system will officially debut (barring unforeseen events) within end of the summer or l 'early autumn 2022.

According to rumors, subsequently the MIUI 13.1 it could appear on other flagship smartphones of the brand, but it is not legitimate to expect its mass deployment in a short period. Most likely, the company is getting MIUI on the most productive devices before the release of the next MIUI version (which no, it will not be MIUI 13.5).

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