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Do you want Alexa equipped with Artificial Intelligence? Then you will need to prepare your credit card

Alexa Plus will be Amazon's AI project which will allow you to use a customized personal assistant equipped with artificial intelligence. In fact, after ten years of service, Alexa is preparing to become even more intelligent thanks to the implementation of technologies generative artificial intelligence. But be careful: this upgrade will only be accessible with a paid monthly subscription.

Alexa is updated: only with a monthly subscription will there be the most advanced AI

Internal sources CNBC reveal that, by the end of 2023, Alexa will be equipped with advanced conversational capabilities to compete with the latest generation chatbots developed by Google and OpenAI. However, this new feature it will not be included in your annual Prime subscription. Amazon non ha ancora stabilito il prezzo esatto del nuovo servizio, ma è chiaro che sarà necessario un esborso mensile per accedere alle enhanced Alexa capabilities.

In 2014, the assistant revolutionized the voice assistant market, but today its features seem to be overtaken by advances in generative AI. OpenAI, with its GPT-4o, is capable of complex conversations and real-time translations between different languages. Likewise, Google has beefed up its assistant Gemini with similar capabilities.

In his latest letter to shareholders, Jassy talked about work on numerous applications of general artificial intelligence for the consumer sector, including an even more intelligent and capable assistant thanks to AI. The team, therefore, is called upon to redefine Alexa to face the new competition and justify Amazon's investments.

The ongoing reorganization foresees that much of the Alexa staff is reallocated towards general artificial intelligence, with rumors of redundancies and duplications within the team. Despite these challenges, Amazon said it will have sold more than 500 million Alexa-enabled devices by 2023, securing a very large user base.

Users are wondering whether the new monthly subscription will be worth the investment. With new conversational capabilities and generative AI, Alexa could become not only more useful, but also indispensable in everyday life.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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