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More teaser Xiaomi: what do we have today?

Today is a new day and, as usual, Xiaomi released by poco a new teaser about the product, or products, that we will know during the launch event that the Chinese manufacturer will hold on Monday 19th October. What do we have today? Find out with us!

Fourth Xiaomi teaser

Just three days from the official event here we are here to propose what is the fourth teaser released by Xiaomi. As always, of course, what we see in the image is not clear at all, so our subjective interpretation is again necessary.


As you can see, in this teaser we have a man dressed as "gentleman" to play a piano placed on the shore of a lake or river. The slogan in Chinese instead, can be translated as follows: "He plays like a piano master".

What do you think of kids? Surely this teaser is related to the excellent audio performance that this new product should have Xiaomi, but ... what product are we talking about?

In 'article yesterday we had proposed the two best hypotheses, that is, those that the product we are going to present during the event might be the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 or the Xiaomi Mi TV 3. In the light of this last teaser, the needle of the balance seems to tire more and more towards the new one We TV 3 since the audio performance to which it refers may be very good for the home theater system with which the We TV is always equipped. According to you instead? Tell yours!

Before we say goodbye to you, we leave a small gallery containing all the teaser released so far. Appointment tomorrow for the new one!



Article More teaser Xiaomi: what do we have today? seems to be the first of

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Simone Rodriguez
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