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AI arrives on these two Amazfits: now you can use ChatGPT and do anything

The evolution of smartwatches has reached a new pinnacle with theintroducing Zepp OS 4 by Amazfit. This cutting-edge operating system, powered by OpenAI's artificial intelligence is bringing the GPT-4o chatbot and aims to redefine industry standards. Here are all the new features that we will see immediately Amazfit Active e Amazfit Balance and subsequently on other models.

Amazfit Active and Balance with ChatGPT: update to ZeppOS 4

The integration of GPT-4o into Zepp Flow, one of new features of the current Zepp OS, represents a quantum leap in human-machine interactions. Now it's possible communicate with your devices in a natural and intuitive way, without the need for predefined formulas or tactile gestures. This evolution brings to mind the concept of “ubiquitous computing” theorized by Mark Weiser in the 90s, where technology merges seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Personalization is at the heart of ZeppOS 4. The mini-apps, in particular the Workout Extension, transform Amazfit smartwatches into true digital personal coaches. The language expansion planned for Zepp Flow, which will include Italian among other languages, demonstrates Amazfit's commitment to global accessibility.

This strategic move could be compared to the localization approach adopted by tech giants such as Apple and Google, which has significantly contributed to their global reach.

The integrated ecosystem created by Zepp OS 4 goes beyond simple fitness tracking. Incorporating features such as Zepp Aura for sleep and Zepp Coach for fitness, Amazfit is creating a holistic paradigm for wellness, similar toapproach adopted by companies like Fitbit, but with a more advanced implementation of AI.

La compatibility with third-party devices such as Sonos and GoPro Further expands the usefulness of Amazfit smartwatches with ChatGPT, transforming them into control hubs for a personal IoT ecosystem. This level of integration is reminiscent of the approach of platforms such as Apple HomeKit or Google Home, but applied to the wearable context.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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