AmazFit Bip 2 is official ... or maybe we should call it Health Watch

Today was a very hectic day full of news for wearable device lovers. We witnessed the official launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, but also of theAmazFit Nexo by many renamed AmazFit Verge 2 and now is the time of the expected AmazFit Bip 2 which in China bears the name of Health Watch. The why of the name is soon revealed, from the moment among the main features we find the proprietary chip Huangshan No. 1, which will allow the monitoring of the ECG.

The Huami chipset appears to be an innovation in the wearable world as it arrives on the market with support for neural networks. Huangshan No.1 is a quad-core chip of Artificial Intelligence able to monitor cardiac activity, as well as to detect and detect any irregularities in heart rate via ECG. Huami Huangshan No. 1 was presented as the first wearable SoC based on the open source RISC-V instruction set and, thanks to it, should guarantee excellent performance and greatly reduced power consumption.

AmazFit Bip 2 is official ... or maybe we should call it Health Watch

The design remains the same as the previous model, that is square screen and single button on the right side, while the news concern all the hardware sector of the sportwatch and that we can summarize in this list:

  • 1,28 inch screen with 176 x 176 pixel resolution;
  • Huangshan No.1 processor;
  • PPG sensor BioTracker, ECG sensor;
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, NB-IoT;
  • water resistance up to 30 meters;
  • 200 mAh battery with autonomy up to 7 days.

Amazfit Health Watch / Bip 2 uses a special BioTracker PPG, a sensor capable of detecting 24 / 24h heart rate and thanks to the ECG sensor, the accuracy in detecting the beat is equal to 97,24%.

Another novelty concerns the adoption of a neural system that allows the sportwatch to send health anomalies, such as atrial fibrillation, low heart rate and detection of the fall, directly to the smartphone even without Bluetooth connection using the independent NB-IoT communication network . AmazFit Bip 2 is able to detect up to 60 minutes of ECG data for 7 consecutive days to download first thanks to a 200 mAh battery, particularly efficient in consumption.

Amazfit Bip 2 will be on sale in the next few days in various colors for the price of 699 yuan, around 89 euros at current exchange rates. There is no information on availability on international markets.

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not ready yet

Дата публикации 11 сентября 2019 прямо из будущего 😎

not ready yet

¿If sabe ya algún sitio donde if puede can buy?
¿Y hay ya fecha para la versión internacional?

Walter Bonazzi
Walter Bonazzi

7 days with the active beat is good! Let's hope in the GPS.
To me the Apple style doesn't make me crazy, but the features are spectacular. The ECG function if it works is a bomb.

not ready yet

the Bip however had the GPS and well 30gg of autonomy

not ready yet

I don't think they take a step back so I think it will continue to have GPS and 7 days of autonomy are with the active heartbeat detector

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