AmazFit Bip LITE Review - Don't call it "light"

Two years after its release in the market ofAmazFit Bip, product "icon" of the satellite company of Xiaomi, finally joins a new model with some small news: theAmazFit Bip LITE.

As for the LITE version of the Verge, the name could suggest a complete downgrade of the device, in truth to the detriment of the only GPS removal we find some interesting upgrades that are added to what was already good in the BIP.

AmazFit Bip LITE - Design

The polycarbonate dial is rectangular (34mm x 4mm) and incorporates an 1.20 display ″ with a resolution of 176 × 176 pixels and a glass with 2.5D and Gorilla Glass 3 processing to protect it from bumps and scratches.

The display is of type Transflective TFT LCD, that is, it has both transmissive and reflective characteristics: in low light conditions the reflective component ensures visibility by exploiting the integrated lighting, while in well-lit environments the system exploits this light by reflecting it and ensuring unbeatable readability even in direct sunlight.

The strap is in hypoallergenic silicone, wide 20mm and long 8.5cm + 11cm. A spur (as in the Verge) has been added to the buckle to keep the excess strap, which allows it to remain still.

A single button placed centrally on the right side allows interaction with all the functions in combination with theexcellent touchscreen display.

The small dimensions and the light weight of only 32g give it absolute wearability and comfort. Personally, I find the AmazFit Bip Lite even more comfortable than the Mi Band 4 which tends to protrude more.

AmazFit Bip LITE - Technical features

The AmazFit Bip Lite, albeit without great pretensions, is in fact a sportwatch.

It is equipped with a sensor latest generation PPG heart rate monitor which is able to detect the pulsations with a reasonable level of accuracy even if a little fluctuating in some conditions (more or less at the levels of the Mi Band 4). Like all recent AmazFit products it is possible to set continuous heart rate detection (custom frequency 1/5/10/30 minutes) and even set a custom alarm in case of accelerated heartbeat.

Obviously there is no shortage of accelerometer to 3 axes which takes care of recording all the data necessary for the monitoring of sports activities and for the sleep assistant. Also in this case the data are a little overestimated compared to higher-end products like the Verge but still more than sufficient for an amateur sports activity.

THEautonomy is one of the novelties of this version, because the small increase of the battery (200mAh) and the introduction of the 4.2 BLE bluetooth, guarantee about 45 days autonomy with the only use of notifications, sleep assistant. A real record !!!

Another pleasant novelty is the degree of impermeability that passes from IP68 (water resistance) to a real resistance to diving up to 3 ATM (30 meters)

We count instead among the features removed the GPS sensor (and the compass). However, it is still possible to use the data tracked by the phone as long as this is connected during sports activities.

Weight 32g (including strap)
Waterproof grade 3 ATM (up to 30 meters of water depth)
Display 1.28 "always-on, TFT reflective to 8 colors Resolution: 176x176 Reinforced glass Corning Gorilla 3 Anti-fingerprint coating
Diameter 43 mm
Strap Silicone 20mm
Strap length 11 + 8,5 cm
Sensors PPG heart rate sensor 3 acceleration sensor axes
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
Battery 200 mAh polymer lithium battery
Charge time Max 2,5 hours
Battery life Usage time: up to 45 days in a typical usage scenario Standby time: up to 120 days
Checkout Polycarbonate 34x40x9.5mm

AmazFit Bip LITE - functions

For convenience we can divide the functions, really many, into two groups.

Sport functions

The sports modes available are 4:  outdoor running, indoor running (treadmill), bicycle, walking. For each sports session, which can also be started from the clock, it is possible to record duration, calories, distance, average speed, steps and continuous monitoring of the heart rate. For cycling sessions it is necessary to keep the smartphone connected as the GPS will be indispensable for tracking speed

Recorded sessions can be viewed directly on the Bip LITE or in the AmazFit App after synchronization.

Daily life assistant

The "sports" functions are flanked by other useful features: weather, alarm, stopwatch, countdown, notifications.

The management of notifications remains as in the "other" rather basic BIP. It is possible to read incoming notifications, even very long ones, but emoticons are not supported and it is not possible to reply. Through the AmazFit App you can choose which applications we want to receive alerts.

It is also possible to receive notification of incoming calls to silence the ringtone or to reject the call.

At the time of writing, the only available language is English, but we know that the translation into Italian will come soon through an OTA update.

AmazFit Bip LITE - App companion

To manage the matching, updating and most of the customizations we have the excellent AmazFit App available for download from the Playstore and AppStore.

The app makes it easier to consult all reports and the history of the acquired data (sports, sleep, steps, cardio). There is also a wide range of possible settings including the customization of notifications, cardio detection, weather, menu items, etc.

The possibility of exploiting the excellent and ample is not missing color display by selecting different watch faces (Quadrants).

At the moment it is possible to add a Strava account but not Google Fit as in the Mi Fit app.

AmazFit Bip LITE - Conclusions and buying tips

With this new model, the offer of Xiaomi / AmazFit offers to further expand by adding the excellent Bip, Mi Band 4, Verge, Verge LITE and the upcoming AmazFit Verge GTR (in presale and officially available tomorrow).

So more than looking for the perfect sportwatch, it makes more sense to look for the model that best suits our needs and economic availability.

The AmazFit Bip LITE is a perfect device for those who need to monitor non-professional sports, monitor daily activity (sleep, cardio and steps) and be notified of notifications on your smartphone. The autonomy of more than 40 days, the excellent wearability, the impermeability (true) make it a sensible purchase for the 59.99 € price on the official AmazFit Italia store.

The price difference compared to the Mi Band 4 (official 34,99 € list) is amply repaid by the greater autonomy despite the wider transflective display that is always active, the real pride of this device.

The absence of GPS, the only real lack of this model, may not necessarily be a "minus" considering that it is possible to exploit the one integrated in the smartphone.

AmazFit Bip LITE - Offers, discounts and coupons

The AmazFit Bip LITE is available from today on the official AmazFit Italia store with free 24 / 48 shipping and 2 years warranty.

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8.2 Total score
AmazFit Bip LITE Review - Don't call it "light"

The AmazFit Bip LITE is a perfect device for those who need to monitor non-professional sports, monitor daily activity (sleep, cardio and steps) and be notified of notifications on your smartphone. The autonomy of more than 40 days, the excellent wearability, the impermeability (true) make it a sensible purchase for the price of 59.99 € on the official AmazFit Italia store.

Value for money
Functions / Software
  • 45 days autonomy
  • Diving up to 30 meters
  • Always-on transflective display
  • No GPS
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