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Amazfit Cheetah and Cheetah Pro: smartwatches for runners with dual-band GPS and AI coaching

If you are a running enthusiast and are looking for a smartwatch that will help you improve your performance, you may be interested in Amazfit Cheetah e Cheetah Pro, the new models of Amazfit which are part of the Performance series. These are two premium watches that offer a lightweight design, unrivaled GPS accuracy, and personalized workout guidance.

Amazfit Cheetah and Cheetah Pro: smartwatches for runners with dual-band GPS and AI coaching

Amazfit Cheetah Pro

Amazfit Cheetah Pro

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro has a 1,45-inch Always-On AMOLED display with a resolution of 480×480 pixels and a peak brightness of 1.000 nits, which ensures good visibility even under intense sunlight.

The smartwatch has a bezel made of titanium alloy for a sleek, professional look, while the midframe is made from fiber-reinforced polymer to keep the watch lightweight. The Cheetah Pro uses a breathable nylon strap 22 mm wide and with an adjustable length from 150 to 220 mm.

The Cheetah Pro features a responsive button and comfortable crown on the right side, making it easier for the user to control the smartwatch even during an intense run. It also comes with Zepp Coach based on artificial intelligence to provide personalized ride plans tailored to the user's goals.

Amazfit Cheetah Pro

Zepp Coach will come with an AI Chat bot for a quick demo before it becomes a subscription-based service. This uses Generative AI and the applied Large Language Model (LLM) to recognize the user's natural language descriptions via spoken or typed commands to provide easy-to-understand answers to their sports-related questions.

Also for runners there are other features such as Virtual Pacer, Race Achievement Prediction and Track Run Mode. Virtual Pacer lets you set an AI pace goal, and once you've done a few runs, you can use Race Achievement Prediction to see how you'd perform on race day.

While Track Run mode, on the other hand, provides time, distance and pace data for each lap, and if necessary, the Cheetah Pro algorithm can correct the trajectory and distance to ensure that the performance data in the app Zepps match the selected lane.

Amazfit Cheetah Pro

In addition, the Cheetah Pro is characterized by its MaxTrack GPS technology, which uses a dual-band GPS antenna (L1 and L5) to collect nearly 100% of satellite signals and reduce multi-path interference caused by tall buildings and trees to provide more accurate positioning.

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro also includes the usual array of health and fitness features, including the sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring and heart rate monitoring. The smartwatch also supports over 150 indoor and outdoor sports modes and it can automatically detect 25 strength exercises.

As for autonomy, the Amazfit Cheetah Pro has one battery from 440 mAh for an estimated use of up to 14 days. The smartwatch also supports Bluetooth calling and music storage, as well as offering a rich ecosystem with over 100 apps.

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro is available in the Run Track Black color at the price of 299,90 euro. Buying it from the official store, there are free Amazfit PowerBuds headphones. Click here if you are interested in this smartwatch

Amazfit Cheetah

The Amazfit Cheetah is a cheaper and more compact version with a 1,39-inch Always-On AMOLED display with a resolution of 454×454 pixels and a bezel made from fiber-reinforced polymer instead of titanium alloy. It also uses a liquid silicone strap, which carries the weight of the smartwatch at 47 grams, while without the strap, it weighs 32 grams.

THEAmazfit Cheetah it does not have a microphone or speakernor does it support Bluetooth phone calls. It also has no Wi-Fi connectivity. However, it offers the same sports and health features as the Cheetah Pro, including the Zepp Coach, MaxTrack GPS, Virtual Pacer, Race Achievement Prediction, Track Run Mode, and heart rate, stress, oxygen monitoring in blood and sleep.

The Amazfit Cheetah has a battery from 440 mAh than for an estimated autonomy of up to 14 days.

The Amazfit Cheetah is available in Speedster Gray and Infinite Black colors at the price of 229,90 €. Buying it from the official store, there are free Amazfit PowerBuds headphones. Click here if you are interested in the smartwatch.

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