AmazFit Cor 2 is official: now with NFC and new integrated functions

And exactly two days have passed since we showed you the first ever photos about the future AmazFit Bip 2and on this occasion we have also revealed that Huami would have released the new one by surprise AmazFit Cor 2. And with utmost amazement for everyone, the company has just made it official home, bringing to the market a fitness band renewed in aesthetics and with new interesting features.

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amazfit cor 2

The similarity of design compared to the previous generation is and is noticeable, but the new AmazFit Cor 2 shows a less elegant side but perhaps more robust and sporty while offering a 1,23 inch color LCD display with 160 resolution x 80 touch-type pixels and with 2.5D processing. Everything is enclosed in a body a polycarbonate that gives a low weight of only 32 grams, while the strap is made of rubber with width from 20 mm.

amazfit cor 2

AmazFit Cor 2 is official: now with NFC and new integrated functions

The battery, a unit from 160 mAh, promises 20 days of autonomy and this is miraculous if we think that the previous generation offered 12 days of intensive use. AmazFit Cor 2 also offers a certification IP68 up to 5 ATM and a sensor NFC to make payments on the move. There is no lack of connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 and a new generation cardio sensor with H24 measurement capabilities and finally a motion detection and sleep tracking suite using an 3 axis accelerometer.

The novelties also concern the integration of a new function that allows for monitor sports activity without using a smartphone, showing information such as activity time, heart rate and energy consumption. Furthermore, one was integrated function dedicated to music, which allows you to play, pause and display the title of the song being played.

AmazFit Cor 2 will be on sale from tomorrow 8 January 2019 in China in Black coloring with a launch price of 299 yuan, equivalent to about 38 euro at the current exchange rate. Probably new colors will come as well as the arrival in Italy ... well it is too early to say but something says that soon we will have some surprises.

amazfit cor 2

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