Amazfit GTR Lite Review - Sportwatch yes, smartwatch also no ..

The view Wearable is definitely the one that has been giving the most satisfaction in the last period and also Xiaomi is hitting hit after hit by placing itself among the most prolific BRANDS in this market.
Today we will talk about the younger brother ofAmazfit GTR, I present theAmazfit GTR Lite!

The Amazfit GTR (described here by our Simone) has proven to be a respectable sport watch with a flood of sensors and interesting features for those who play sports but not only.
Few expected the release of a Lite version as the GTR costs only 149,99 euros from the official AmazFit Italia store.

Yet here we are talking about yet another Amazfit branded product. Let's find out theAmazfit GTR Lite:


AmazFit GTR Lite - Design

Did you like the GTR? Then with the Lite you will be on the safe side, same dial, same material, same build quality, same finishes (see the red dot on the upper button ... it does a lot of SPORT 🙂) .... in essence ... SAME CLOCK.

Well yes, if we want to notice the differences we have to look at the strap which in the Lite version is completely in black silicone at the expense of the more elegant GTR bi-material leather / silicone strap.

Like the older brother, therefore, we have a 47mm anthracite aluminum dial, a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which guarantees a scratch resistance and very high impact e 2 control buttons that allow you to turn on / off the display and activate one custom function smartwatch on request.

The weight of the watch is definitely contained.
There is talk of just 36g which, together with the body thickness of just 10.75mm, make you forget you have a watch on your wrist!

As can be seen from the box of this GTR Lite, like the GTR, this little one is too certified to be able to reach one depth of 50m in diving excursions. Not bad for a "Lite".

La charging base it has been made even smaller than its older brother. We have a very intelligent magnetic connector. The magnet has been calibrated in such a way as to make the reversed polarity fit practically impossible. I really liked the base (or better connector)!


AmazFit GTR Lite - Features

This GTR Lite inherits all the good things in the GTR except for the GPS sensor. If this on the one hand is a defect for those who need to accurately track their outdoor activities, on the other it can be an advantage for the battery not having to power one of the most energy-consuming components present in a smartwatch.

The display remains a retina (454x454px) 1.39 ″ color amoled.
The visibility under the sun is excellent and the possibility of being able to activate the "always on display" without having vertical battery collapses is a pleasure for me. 🙂

We talked about drums and then let's focus on this aspect which is perhaps one of the most interesting.

Battery remains from 410mAh but, maybe you want a renewed charging base, it recharges faster than its older brother. In an hour we reach about 70% and in less than an hour and a half we have 100% charge.

As for duration we are at very good levels.

  • 24 days in a typical scenario - all sensors active
  • 74 days in "energy saving" mode - disconnected from the phone but displaying time and active steps
  • 10 days in ALWAYS ON DISPLAY mode (my favorite)

The whole system is run by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC which has proved to be very low in energy and powerful enough to run everything in a very fluid way.

AmazFit GTR Lite - Data sheet

The data sheet is the same as the GTR except for the GPS which has been removed.

Dimensions 47,2 x 47,2 x 10,75 mm
Weight (without strap) Aluminum alloy : Approx. 34g Stainless steel : About 48g Titanium : About 40g
Degree of resistance to water and dust 5 ATM
Screen 1.39 "AMOLED, resolution 454x454, 326 ppi
Touch screen Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass + anti-fingerprint coating
Types of standard straps Aluminum alloy: brown leather strap Stainless steel: brown leather strap Titanium: fluorescent rubber strap
Strap width 22 mm
Strap length 8cm + 11.5cm
Sensors PPG BioTracker TM optical tracking sensor, 6 axis acceleration sensor, 3 geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, capacity sensor, ambient light sensor
Placement GPS + GLONASS
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Battery 410 mAh LiPo
Recharge method Magnetic charging base, Pogo Pin 2Pin charging - 2 approx. Hours
Battery life Typical usage scenario: 24 days Always active heart rate, sleep monitoring, 150 push notifications with screen illumination, raise the wrist to view the 30 screen times, run or train 3 times per week for 30 minutes with GPS turned on and 5 minutes for other operations. Basic clock mode: 74 days Turn off Bluetooth, heart rate and other functions and raise the pulse to see the 100 screen times a day.

AmazFit GTR Lite - Software e functions

The software is the exact same as the GTR so for the features I refer you to Simone's review which was decidedly exhaustive.

My consideration, however, I would like to make it on SPORT mode made available by the watch.
As many as 12 (twelve) sport modes ... and there isn't SOCCER or SOCCER


I am NOT going to run, I am NOT going to the gym, I am NOT climbing the cliffs ... I am going to play soccer a week yes and one week with friends ... someone who thinks about me too ?? 🙁

I would not say heresies ... but Verge had it !!!

AmazFit GTR Lite - Companion app

The official AmazFit app available both on and on takes care of the coupling between watch and smartphone Playstore both on the AppStore.

But today I would like to talk to you not so much about the Official App, but about the luxury alternative “Notify & Fitness for Amazfit”.
Vogluio tell you about this App not only because it is developed by an Italian developer, but above all because it is well made, full of options and settings to make our GTR Lite do "almost" everything.

Very nice graphics in DARK THEME and comfortable tabbed browsing.

In the HOME section we can see the summary of our daily activities, how we slept, the trend of the heartbeat, the calories and change the dial to the smartwatch.

In the statistics section, however, we immerse ourselves in a world full of details by discovering graphs relating to steps, sleep, heart, calories, weight all with a really well-groomed graphic design.

The settings are many and the customization possibilities are many.

Do you think there is even the possibility of setting a "Reply" mode to notifications that the amazfit media player uses to make you choose some quick replies to send via whatsapp, sms or other apps. In truth it doesn't work 100% of the time but these new features make me hope for future updates.


AmazFit GTR Lite - Conclusions

We come to our conclusions. Did I like this Amazfit GTR Lite?

I have rarely been so torn in a judgment.
The clock is BEAUTIFUL, is LEGGERO, has one battery that lasts an infinity and, in the basic functions, definitely useful and functional.
If we also add the price of purchase which is now around € 100 the vote on this device can only be high.

There is a though ...
The Amazfit GTR Lite is NOT a smartwatch.
Functionally, it comes much closer to a fitness band than to a smartwatch.
No additional APP, no NFC payments, no answer to calls ne response to text notifications if not with third-party APPs which, however, do not work 100% of the time.
I see this GTR Lite as one Evolved MIBand with a design much more elegant.

Mind you, this does not depend on the "Lite" because the GTR, in addition to adding the GPS, does not add anything else on a functional level.

To be honest, it must be said that, to date, I have never tried a SMARTWATCH with the capital "S" whose battery lasts no more than 2 days. And this is too big a problem for me to be overshadowed.

So, right now, we have to be content with the extremes and, if on the one hand there are the various WearOS Smartwatches with which you can do what you want or almost (See MiWatch or the whole MOBVOI TicWatch series), on the other there are the FitnessWatch with much less SMART functions but with incredible durability.

I still prefer the duration to intelligence .. you?

Let me know here in the comments.

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Sportwatch yes! Smartwatch ni ..

An excellent sportwatch that combines a fantastic design with a high level technical equipment.

Value for money
Functions / Software
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Autonomy
  • Sports section
  • Management of basic notifications
  • Few smart functions
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