Amazfit, blood pressure makes its way: here is the evidence

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We had talked about how smartwatches Amazfit could receive the function of blood pressure detection. Today, months later, we found (via AndroidTR) new evidence regarding this method. This feature is only supported by high-end wearables, including smartwatches from Samsung like the Active 2. After the presentation of Amazfit GTR 3, GTR 3 Pro and GTS 3, here comes the latest news about the blood pressure detection on Huami's smartwatches, or better I of Zepp Health

. In fact, we recall that the company has changed its name and, recently, also changed logo of the device series.

Amazfit smartwatches are about to receive a “stolen” function from Samsung: blood pressure measurement. Here are the details

According to the information we have available, the next ones Amazfit smartwatches will detect blood pressure. A much requested function but never integrated in the high-end devices of the Chinese brand. By accessing the source code of the company's smartwatches, the Spanish colleagues found a huge number of references to blood pressure measurement sanguine. For the uninitiated, Samsung from its previous generation of smart watches adds this feature to its devices.

amazfit prepares blood pressure check on smartwatches
Source: Android TR
amazfit prepares blood pressure check on smartwatches
Source: Android TR

Blood pressure measurement on Amazfit will work as it does on Samsung. Basically this will detect, as obvious, the pressure thanks to a particular algorithm and it will be active every 28 days. This means that the smartwatch will automatically measure the value. However, the blood pressure measurement will be "personal". What does it mean? In short, the smartwatch it will not analyze the data accurately only if it is on the holder's wrist. Should the device be in the hands of another user, the function can be activated but it must be borne in mind that this is calibrated on the owner's data.

That said, we don't know which devices the blood pressure measurement will arrive on Amazfit smartwatches. For the moment the new ones GTR 3, GTR 3 Pro, and GTS 3 seem not to support the feature. However, it could come later.

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