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Amazfit T-Rex Pro could have a successor: here's how it will be

We haven't talked about in a while Zepp Health, or the old Huami that last year has changed name. The Chinese giant that among other things produces smart bands for Xiaomi intends to focus part of its attention on rugged smartwatches. Amazfit T-Rex Pro it arrived in Italy in March of last year and the users immediately acclaimed it for its potential, as well as for its resistance. Apparently, however, the Chinese giant intends to prepare a successor, poco different from an aesthetic point of view. We have the first picture of how it should be.

Whether it's called Amazfit T-Rex Pro 2 or 2 Pro poco change: it seems that Zepp intends to prepare a new enhanced rugged smartwatch

We do not know if the smartwatch in question will be named Amazfit T-Rex 2 Pro or T-Rex Pro 2. Poco matter for the moment to be honest. What interests us is to see the changes at a time when we have little data in our possession. In fact, we only got our hands on a photo which portrays the next rugged smartwatch and unfortunately we cannot say that the aesthetic changes are many. Because? Basically because the wearable is shown only on the side. There is only one feature different from the previous generation device: one metal plate between the two physical buttons (highlighted in orange).

amazfit t-rex pro 2

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Amazfit T-Rex 2 Pro specifications

By eye we can say that theAmazfit T-Rex Pro second generation will be more often than the first. This is suggested by the 5mm caption which covers only a part of the whole body. The specifications of Amazfit T-Rex Pro 2 (assuming that this is its name) are not known or at least not all. We know there will be one more powerful battery compared to the current 390 mAh considering the thickness, which will result in greater autonomy. Specifically we will find a battery from 450 mAh (nominal 500 mAh).

amazfit t-rex-2 pro battery
Amazfit T-Rex 2 Pro's rated battery
amazfit t-rex-2 pro bluetooth
Bluetooth version of the smartwatch

As for connectivity, however, we know that there will be a module Bluetooth 5.0. We would have expected a Bluetooth 5.1 or 5.2 but evidently the smartwatch will focus on something else.

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