AmazFit Verge: let's get closer

Since it was presented, just under a mesa ago, we have not heard of the new AmazFit Verge, which in a sense revolutionizes the wearable family of the company adding interesting innovations that compare it more to a smartwatch than to one SportWatch. Proposed on the market at a price of 799 yuan, about 100 euro, destined to increase with the arrival at third-party stores, AmazFit Verge becomes an interesting solution for all those who want to upgrade their device or for all those who they want to get closer to the wearable world without having to spend a fortune but who do not digest Android Wear devices.

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AmazFit Verge comes with a round dial offering an AMOLED 1,3 inch display with 360 x 360 resolution, then very clear and clean colors but losing the "transflective" technology that has accompanied previous generations. Although it is not aimed primarily at sportsmen, there is no lack of design that recalls the main aspects of the category thanks to a fiberglass reinforced body, sufficient to cope with the small accidents of everyday use. In addition, the weight of only 46 grams favors wearability for prolonged use.

Always sporting, there is the possibility of monitoring the heart rate PPG 24 hours on 24 in real time. Unlike the Stratos model, AmazFit Verge offers on the right side a single multi-function button in red color, decidedly attractive in terms of aesthetics, which recalls the four red bars on the crown of the watch. But the novelty of the new wearable gadget of AmazFit leaps to the eye looking at the left profile, where there is a slot for the built-in speaker that will allow you to listen to music and especially the voice of our interlocutor during a call, because the real revolution lies in the fact that AmaFit Verge will allow you to make phone calls from your wrist, using the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone. This is naturally also possible thanks to the integration of a microphone.

In terms of size, we have a 43 mm dial and a 12,6 mm thickness, so it is quite comfortable on every type of wrist, considering a strap made of soft silicon skin friendly and with anti-stain treatment. As for the previous generations the strap is removable with quick release but the pitch is much shorter than the 20 / 22 mm of the past models. In addition to the date and time information on the display, you can also view the percentage of the battery, and all the information related to fitness, such as calories burned, distance and steps, pulsations but also various notifications related to the app. The display glass is coated with an anti-fingerprint treatment and benefits from Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

The recharge is via a proprietary board with USB connection, while the battery from 390 mAh should ensure an average of 5 days of autonomy, values ​​decidedly variable depending on the use of the individual user. Having said that the features offered in addition to the new call via smartphone, remain virtually the same as the other models. AmazFit verge therefore offers heart rate monitoring but the new sensors promise an improved detection accuracy, even without a "direct" contact with the skin. Other functions such as smart sleep monitoring and features dedicated to sport remain unchanged. Ben 11 sports activities to which also associate the integrated GPS + GLONASS for outdoor activities such as running, walking etc ..

AmazFit Verge: let's get closer

In fact, the news does not stop at the simple call function, as AmazFit Verge also offers the ability to control via voice assistant, the smart appliances of the Xiaomi ecosystem, as well as you can set some settings without having to resort to the app, how to set the alarm clock, a reminder or query the smart watch on the weather. The products controlled by voice commands are increasing, but it is already possible to turn on the lamps, the various smart sockets, fans, air conditioning, the Vacuum Robot etc .. In addition, the remote control function is available for the Xiaomi Mi TV.

Finally, AmazFit Verge integrates the NFC sensor that allows payments (with future OTA update) such as those related to the use of the public service in about 165 city of China (function already active). In conclusion, the new device is certainly interesting, but certain functions are unfortunately castrated on our territory, and therefore only the development of Italianized ROMs will perhaps allow to fully exploit the potential of the smartwatch, just like the previous models. So the question is: what awaits AmazFit to officially land and leg stretched on our territory? And would you buy the AmazFit Verge, trusting the Italian community of developers?



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