AmazFit Verge Lite is the new inexpensive smartwatch, also with the Avengers theme

Huami is preparing for the launch of a new wearable device with an Avengers theme for the next 3, giving many the hope that it will really be a new product like the Bip 2, but once again confirm that it will be something already seen to star in the event.

We are talking about AmazFit Verge which specifically arrives in the Lite version and which will consist of a series from 7 smartwatch all to collect, as each will be dedicated to a hero of the film saga, such as Iron Man, Hulk etc .. But what does the its name the AmazFit Verge Lite? Certainly the appellative Lite suggests something "lighter" than the standard version and so we discover together what, since the company has officially announced the wearable right now.

AmazFit Verge Lite is the new inexpensive smartwatch, also with the Avengers theme

The differences are not that many, but the price is definitely more affordable, but we go by degrees. AmazFit Verge Lite arrives with a circular design and a diameter of 43 mm, AMOLED display from 1,30 inches with 360 resolution x 360 pixels. The autonomy is like for the standard version the strong dish because thanks to an 390 mAh battery you can get up to 20 days, of course with mild use while we go down to 40 hours if exploited the GPS always active.


Naturally, there is no shortage of 7 sports activities, with which to collect heart rate data thanks to the PPG sensor. Finally there is the brightness sensor and a 3 axis gyroscope but also the certification and IP68 and Bluetooth 4.2 BLE. What is missing? Well it lacks the NFC chip to make payments, but not bad since in Italy it is not exploitable and also lacks the call functionality, therefore speaker and microphone.


What can I say, AmazFit Verge Lite could certainly capture the attention of many, who do not consider these deficiencies fundamental, especially if compared to the excellent quality / price ratio offered by the device. In China we can find it at the price of 499 yuan, about 64 euros at the exchange rate, in Cool Shark Black and Snow Mountain White colors. Will we see it also in Europe?

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