Amazfit Verge Lite Review - Crazy autonomy in exchange for some compromise

Waiting for the major upgrade coming with the GTR, AmazFit delights us with a new version of the Verge that sees the light with the LITE nomenclature, but do not be fooled by the name because it is true that some functions have been removed but there are also some new features.

AmazFit Verge LITE - Design

Available in coloring white or gray, the Verge Lite inherits in everything and for everything the aesthetics of its big brother with which it even shares the compatibility with the charging base. It has a very sporty design with a polycarbonate body from 43x43x12.6mm and a silicone strap that integrates perfectly with the dial. Thanks to overall weight of only 43 g and its rather small size, wearability is pleasant even after a whole day.

To protect the Amoled color display from 1.3 inches (360 × 360 pixel) there is a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which guarantees an excellent level of protection, indispensable for a device dedicated to sport and outdoor activities in general. The brightness is excellent even in sunlight and can be adjusted automatically via the room sensor.

On the right side we find the only button available and to which some navigation functions are associated and even customizable.

AmazFit Verge LITE - Technical characteristics

In support of this smartwatch we find the classic sensors indispensable for monitoring sports and other activities: PPG cardiac sensor, 3 axle accelerometer, ambient light sensor. Obviously, you can't miss the Integrated GPS + Glonass to improve accuracy in calculating distances traveled.

The battery is from 390mAh, it recharges in about 2 hours and guarantees an autonomy of 20 days (with the Verge was only of 5 days) with sleep monitoring, steps and notifications enabled. This estimate obviously decreases based on the amount of sports sessions you will be monitoring.

The advent also Bluetooth 5.0 BLE that compared to the 4.2 of the non-lite version is an accomplice of the enormous increase in autonomy and also allows data synchronizations and updates much faster.

The degree of waterproofing remains unchanged at IP68 which basically corresponds to a resistance to water (shower, rain, splashes, etc.) but not to diving. Although not subtracted from trying it at sea without reporting any damage, as well as for Verge, cases of malfunctions after diving are not rare.

There is no internal memory as the playback function of songs directly from the smartwatch has been removed along with the possibility of pairing bluetooth earphones. It remains possible to control the music player (spotify, etc.) of your smartphone remotely.

AmazFit Verge LITE - Functions

The software kit guaranteed by the Amazfit OS provides the classic daily monitoring functions: steps, sleep and cardio. To the latter it is possible to associate the continuous detection and set up a alarm upon reaching a high frequency.

Sports activities pass from 12 to 7 while maintaining the most useful and common ones: outdoor running, indoor running (treadmill), walking, cycling, indoor bike (cycling), elliptical, fitness. For each sports session you can set a goal to reach (distance, duration, consumption) or average values ​​to maintain (distance, heart rate limit, safe heartbeat zone)

The endowment of the function is completed by the classic and useful functions: music player control, alarm, reminder, weather, timer, countdown, search phone. Do not miss the display of notifications, complete even in the case of very long messages (no emoticons) which, however, cannot be answered.

It is possible to "wake up" the display with the movement of the wrist or through the side button. The "always on" function is not present but we hope it will be introduced in the next updates.

At the time of writing, the only available language is English, but we know that the translation into Italian will come soon through an OTA update.

AmazFit Verge LITE - App companion

The AmazFit app has been completely renewed (now also supports the Mi Band) and is gradually replacing the Mi Fit app.

Although the large Verge LITE display allows you to manage most of the functions directly from the smartwatch, the app makes it easier to consult. all reports and the history of the acquired data (sport, sleep, steps, cardio).

There is also a wide range of possible settings including the customization of notifications, cardio detection, weather, menu items, etc.

The possibility of exploiting the excellent is obviously not lacking Amoled display by selecting different watch faces (quadrants) which at the moment are only 7. We are sure that in the next updates we will see an increase in availability.

AmazFit Verge LITE - Conclusions and buying tips.

In general, I really liked Verge LITE. The sober and light design makes it a more suitable companion for a sports activity than the "padelloni" from 47mm. The software is not the most complete but it is more than sufficient for daily use and for a non-professional sport activity.

The increase in autonomy, quadrupled compared toAmazfit Verge, repays abundantly from the removal of the voice call, the integrated music player and some more unusual sports (climbing, trial run, skiing, tennis, soccer, jumping rope).

Both as a price and as an endowment, the AmazFit Verge LITE is placed in the middle between the beep and the Verge: For those looking for something more "important" than a Amazfit Bip can think of an upgrade while maintaining the same excellent autonomy. For those who believe that the Verge is too expensive or at least exaggerated for their own needs, Verge Lite will find an excellent compromise with even some Pluses.

Review Amazfit Verge Lite

Impressive autonomy that is worth some compromises!

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Review Amazfit Verge LITE

A sober and light design makes it a more suitable companion for a sports activity than the "padelloni" from 47mm. The software is not the most complete but it is more than sufficient for daily use and for a non-professional sport activity. Impressive autonomy that is worth the small compromises!

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