AmazIT is the Italian ROM for our AmazFit

One of the reasons that brakes the purchase of Xiaomi Huami Amazfit it is the fear of finding yourself with a beautiful technological gingillo on the wrist, but that's just the language of the Chinese. In fact, there is already a considerable amount of time that we can translate our beloved device completely into Italian, and in fact we have explained step by step the procedure to be performed that you can find here.

But now the Amazfit tints of tricolor thanks to the immense work done by Nicola Sagliano who developed a Custom ROM in Italian but above all who decided to share it with all of it community boasting over 3000 users.

The Amazfit has immediately appreciated its built-in quality as well as good built-in hardware but the undoubted success decree is given by the immense development that lies behind thanks to the constant releases of firmware and various upgrades. And this development in our home has been possible thanks to the aforementioned Nicola Sagliano which gave birth to the ROM Amazit 1.2.15h that promises OTA updates directly from custom ROMs, new menus and features.

Now I will report it as it was posted on the site, the installation guide for Custom ROM AmazIT 1.2.15h but doing one proper prerequisite, that is, the same can only be applied if your AmazFit device has the unlocked bootloader and therefore you have to make sure you have one of these versions.

  Chinese versions starting from 0.9.5 up to 1.2.11c

Le US 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 versions

All the old Italian translations

Any PaceFied

Guide to the installation tool

The tool allows you to install the version AmazIT 1.2.15h in Italian keeping all the latest news of the release stable Chinese and bootloader unlocked, to update you have to wait for the new tool that you will always find on the site, even if it is scheduled the implementation of OTA updates!
In addition to the translation in the clock settings you will find an AmazIT entry with different settings and the the ability to change the language without having to go from a PC!


Download the file from the button below

Download File Translation


Unpack the archive on your desktop


Open the "install.bat" file with a double click and you will find it on this screen


If you have not already connected the clock to the PC and press Enter to start the installation process


When you press Enter, the program enters fastboot mode on your device by restarting it. As soon as the device ends the reboot, continue with the installation by pressing Enter again. Before proceeding, wait for the complete restart of the device and wait for it to appear on the screen with the visible watchface. WARNING you might have an OKAY letter and a FAILED text is perfectly normal! Continue with installation!


Once the clock has restarted and you pressed Enter a message tells you that the first part is finished and we are ready for the second part. You can quit without problems. Press Enter to proceed with the procedure and start copying files and flash. I added the percentage of the copy, it takes a little so you have patience


The installation takes about 8-10 minutes and you can see the progress directly from the clock. At the end of the installation the device will start running an optimization of the apps that will not be visible, therefore you will have to wait about 10 minutes for the first start and then you are ready to use the new ROM. When the device has rebooted completely and the watchface is visible you will have finished the installation and no installation files are left in the watch

Considerations on ROM

The AmazIT 1.2.15h ROM is developed on the stable 1.2.15h Chinese base, so for the first access it needs the Chinese app (both stable and develop very well) and it's as if the other ROMs synchronize with Strava as well.

Development is on the stable ROM to try to minimize problems and errors due to unstable versions, so for those who come from a recent PACEfied version might notice a lower reactivity due to the stable version that has not yet implemented the latest performance improvements and fix GPS, as soon as they are implemented in the stable version, the AmazIT version will be attacked within a couple of days.

Every ROM installation always comes to the QR code screen, this to avoid compatibility issues, maybe in the future I will change this but at the moment the choice is improved to make a completely clean ROM installation.

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Gianluca Fruciano
Gianluca Fruciano
3 years ago

Hi everyone I need help I have the version 1.3.3a and I can't configure the bluetooth headphones I can't find anything ... you can tell me what the problem could be.

Daniel Pallotta
Daniel Pallotta
3 years ago

I just bought amazfit peace and I've been using it for a few days.
I have the 1.3.3a firmware English version, can I have problems running the translation tool ??

but above all, what am I losing with such a vast downgrade? I don't think going from 1.3 to 1.2.15 is the same thing ...

3 years ago

From 1.3.2b on, the bootloader has been locked, so you can not install this ROM

3 years ago

thanks to everyone, I wanted to ask you with this Italian rom, do you recognize the microphone to use the voice commands ??

3 years ago
Reply to  giorgio

Unfortunately no

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