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Subscription pricing for Alexa AI has been leaked by inside sources

Amazon is preparing for an ambitious challenge: reinventing Alexa, his famous voice assistant. The voice assistant we have come to know and appreciate even on smartwatches, is about to become more intelligent and versatile, thanks to the integration of advanced capabilities intelligence artificial conversational. Previously internal sources had confirmed a Subscription for Alexa AI and now we know the price.

The price for having Alexa AI on your devices has been revealed

Amazon is planning to introduce two levels of service, and is considering a monthly subscription of approximately 5 dollars per month for access to the advanced version, according to sources familiar with the company's plans via Reuters. The project, known internally as “Banyan,” represents the first major update to the voice assistant since its launch in 2014. Amazon called the new voice assistant “remarkable Alexa“, underlining his enormous capabilities thanks to generative AI.

The potential is exciting. Imagine Alexa capable of to write Email, order food and manage conversations fluid without the need to repeat its name with each command. It's like having a personal secretary always available, ready to make our lives easier with a simple voice command. Of course, the path towards this new era is not without obstacles. Amazon will have to convince skeptics of the added value of a paid service and will also have to compete with giants like OpenAI which He has grand plans in mind.

The objective to be achieved, for Amazon as well as for other companies, is to try to offer a product that comes as close as possible togenerative artificial intelligence. All intermediate processes, such as the creation of a chatbot rather than a more powerful one, are just pieces that add to the previous ones. In this regard, it is worth remembering that Fire TVs have poco integrated an interesting one functionality driven by generative AI for voice search of films.

Gianluca Cobucci
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