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Amazon Echo Pop, Echo Show 5 (3rd gen) and Echo Auto (2nd gen): the new devices with integrated Alexa

Amazon today unveils a complete new lineup of Amazon Echo products sure to please tech enthusiasts. Among the new additions stand out the innovative ones EchoPop ed Echo Show 5, intended to amaze users with their advanced features. The latest generation of Auto Echo, however, is finally also available in Italy, giving customers even more ways to access Alexa while in the car.

Echo Pop: the real novelty

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Echo Pop is the newest member of the Echo family. This device is distinguished by its hemispherical design and offers a wide choice of colors, including Lavender e Verde Petroleum, which integrate perfectly with the style of your home. At an affordable price of only 54,99 €, the Echo Pop is an attractive option for those looking to enrich their space with the convenience of Alexa.

One of the distinguishing features of this device is its front-firing speakerspecially designed to deliver powerful, immersive sound. Whether we are listening to audiobooks, playing podcasts or simply enjoying our favorite music, the Echo Pop will provide an enjoyable and immersive listening experience.

Thanks to its compact size, the Amazon Echo Pop fits perfectly into bedrooms, apartments and other smaller spaces. Through voice commands directed to Alexa, you can ask Echo Pop to read audiobooks, control lights or compatible smart plugs, and even place orders on proprietary e-commerce.

Echo Show 5: new design and more powerful bass

The new Echo Show 5 (3rd generation) combines the efficiency of Alexa with the convenience of a compact screen, offering a complete experience in a versatile device. With its improved design, this Echo Show 5 lets you watch news, control the Ring camera, view shopping lists and even make video calls.

The new Amazon Echo Show 5 is 20% faster than the previous generation, ensuring a quick and smooth response to requests. Also, the all-new speaker system delivers higher quality sound with deeper bass and clearer audio. The microphone set has been completely redesigned to ensure precise voice pickup, allowing Alexa to hear us even better, even from a distance.

It is important to point out that both Echo Show 5 and Echo Pop support Matter, a standard communication protocol that simplifies the connection and control of compatible smart home devices from different brands.

Echo Auto: More flexibility means smarter

amazon echo car

The latest generation of Amazon Echo Auto is finally available in Italy, offering a hands-free experience with Alexa inside our vehicle. Specially designed for vehicles without a built-in voice assistant, Echo Auto lets you take advantage of all the smart features of Alexa while we are on the road.

The new Echo Auto features a compact and slim design, occupying poco space in the vehicle. It features a new adhesive backing which offers flexible mounting options, allowing you to position it in a convenient way. THE five built-in microphones they are able to recognize yours even in the presence of music, air conditioning or traffic noise, ensuring clear and precise communication with Alexa.

With Echo Auto, it's possible easily integrate Alexa in our car and enjoy a number of practical features: listen to music, make calls, use the Drop In function with compatible Echo devices, discover new podcasts and stay up to date on the latest news. Also, it is possible manage our calendar and add items to your to-do list without ever having to take your eyes off the road, maintaining maximum safety while driving.

Another interesting feature of Amazon Echo Auto is the ability to control smart home devices even when we travel. For example, we can ask Alexa to adjust the thermostat, turn off the lights, control the front door and much more.

Prices and availability

DevicePriceAvailable colours
EchoPop54,99 €Lavender, Petroleum Green, Anthracite, Ice White
Cases for Echo Pop22,99 €Blue, Red, Orange, Grey, Lilac, Purple, Fluorescent (Glow in the dark)
Echo Show 5 (3rd Jan)109,99 €Anthracite, White, Blue
Adjustable stand for Echo Show 5 (3rd gen)32,99 €
Echo Auto (2nd gen)69,99 €
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