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With Amazon Echo Spot your bedside table will never be the same again

Amazon presents a new jewel of the Echo family: the innovative Echo Spot. This device, which stands out as a smart alarm clock highly customizable, promises to transform the way users wake up and interact with technology in the quiet bedrooms. Here are all the features of the device also available in Italy.

Official Amazon Echo Spot: features and price

Designed to be the ideal bedside companion, Echo Spot comes with a adjustable illuminated display which simplifies the management of alarms, time, weather and music. The variety of dials and the range of vibrant colors offer an eye-catching visual experience, while thefront directional speaker guarantees clear and defined audio, perfect for starting the day with the right energy.

But what makes Echo Spot really special is the presence of the voice assistant Alexa. With her by their side, users can get information, set personalized alarms and control smart devices in the home with ease commands Voice. Just imagine being able to say: “Alexa, set an alarm for every odd day at 8 am with techno music”, and wake up to your favorite songs and a gradual dimming of lights thanks to smart lighting integration.

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Customization is at the heart of the Echo Spot experience. In addition to the four new alarm sounds and six color options of the display, users can choose from a wide selection of interchangeable watch faces to match their style and room decor. And when the alarm goes off, just one touch on the screen to snooze it and give yourself a few extra minutes of rest.

But Amazon Echo Spot is not just an alarm clock. Thanks to integration with streaming services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify, users can enjoy their favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks in rich, room-filling sound. And with the ability to make audio calls, send announcements or use the function Drop in, staying in touch with your loved ones has never been easier.

Price and availability

Available in black, white and blue, Echo Spot is a stylish and functional addition to any environment. And with the special price of €54,99 for Prime customers leading up to Prime Day, it's the perfect time to bring this innovation into your morning routine and transform how you wake up and approach your day.

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Last updated on July 11, 2024 11:52
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