An HDMI port on a power bank? It is not a mistake, but the new innovation from ZMI

If the smartphone market perhaps reserves very few surprises for us, that of powerbanks or to put it in the Italian, portable chargers, today has undergone a real innovation thanks to ZMI, a leading company in the sector and affiliated with Xiaomi. In fact, a few hours ago the news of the launch of a new powerbank that has the particularity of integrating an HDMI port. Oh yes dear friends, you got it right an HDMI port, which surely you are wondering what it is for on a portable charger.

First of all, let's say that this HDMI port natively supports 4K video, effectively turning it into a HUB, to be exploited if an additional output is needed. Therefore they increase the possibilities of an object that has now entered everyday life, as the performance of smartphones is increasingly powerful but on balance the autonomy of the batteries used is not always up to par. Well, the new ZMI powerbank will take care of ensuring full energy, which in addition to the aforementioned HDMI socket offers a power of 50 W.


An HDMI port on a power bank? It is not a mistake, but the new innovation from ZMI

Overall, the product conforms to the design level as a common powerbank but at the level of specifications, we have a capacity of 10000 mAh which at the maximum power of 50W, allow you to recharge a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro from 0 to 100 in just 50 minutes . But the 50W power also allows you to recharge the common notebools, as the powerbanlk ZMI offers a USB Type-A 3.0 input and a reversible USB Type-C port.

In short, a real novelty in the field of portable chargers and to make the ZMI solution even more interesting, in addition to the presence of an HDMI port is the price, which in China is only 299 yuan, or about 38 euros at the exchange rate, starting sales as of 21 October 2020. A decidedly honest price considering the innovation offered. We hope to see it soon appear on stores that also ship to our country, because certainly such a product will certainly be convenient for many users.

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8 days ago

It means that Xiaomi in the future will make phones with video output….

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