It is "time" for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to receive a new update

It's been almost three months since we gave you the news that Xiaomi Mi Band 3 would be officially updated in Italian, thus avoiding the common user modding operations to translate the firmware and having to then resort to modified versions of the accompanying application, ie We Fit. Well then the owners of the wearable signed by Xiaomi will be happy, because at this time the company has released a further update that goes to improve some features, making sure that Mi Band 3 does not limit itself to the collection of fitness data only.

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It is "time" for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to receive a new update

In particular, the update comes via the official Mi Fit app, downloadable for free from the Play Store, and that goes to the 3.5.2 version while the one related to the update is the number which introduces new animations for the exercise mode, although the basic functions remain unchanged. But also the section dedicated to weather cards is now more full-bodied and rich because the maximum and minimum temperature for the day is also shown in progress and on the small display of the Mi Band 3 also appear the weather forecast for the two days to follow, also rich in details as just mentioned.

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| Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is officially updated in Italian

The update comes automatically by simply installing (if you do not have it already) or updating the Mi Fit application while the only requirement on your Mi Band 3 is that it has the right level of residual charge. We do not know if the update actually affects only Android devices as we are lacking the "technological jokes" proposed by Apple, but we invite users who unfortunately own a device belonging to the bitten apple to let us know in the comments below the situation on the system iOS.

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We recall some main features of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 which boasts a OLED display from 0,78 inchwith certification to water resistance up to 5 ATM and a battery from 110 mAh that manages to guarantee an autonomy of about 20 days. Naturally, the cardiofrequenzimetro, pedometer, sleep monitor, notification support and much more that you can discover in ours complete review.

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