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Andeman 8000 the versatile and economical portable vacuum cleaner!

Cleaning your car can sometimes be a big bore, but this product really knows how to turn the situation around. In fact, the passenger compartment of the cars, with the various slots, carpets and seats, is not always comfortable to clean with a 'full-size' vacuum cleaner with wires, or with the bulky and heavy vacuum body: sometimes you need the precision and manageability of a 'handheld' or portable vacuum cleaner! The same goes for the sofa, armchairs, table, desk or keyboard of our PC. So today I want to talk to you about Andeman 8000, a device with a very interesting value for money that could be the solution!

Andeman 8000

The vacuum comes in a bright cardboard, filled with bubble wrap in each slot to ensure the integrity of the product. Well packed, we will find:

  • The USB charger
  • The main body of the aspirator
  • An extension hose.
  • A two-in-one brush
  • A soft brush
  • The instruction booklet

The main body of the vacuum cleaner is the key point of the convenience of this product: it has the right dimensions to be held comfortably with one hand thanks to the handle and at the same time it has a weight of only 540gr.

Despite this the vacuum cleaner can collect up to 0.53L of dirt and dust, a good capacity.

When necessary, the tank is easily emptied: with one rotation it separates from the engine and once emptied into the bin it can even be washed. Same thing goes for the HEPA filter.

We remind you to let the filters and washable parts of your vacuum cleaners dry completely before using them again, this for the "health" of your appliances.

The brushes and the extension tube simply slide into the main nozzle of the suction body, as needed: we recommend using the two-in-one brush, with a double design (which allows you to have both a rigid final nozzle and a softer sliding nozzle). delicate) and stretched for doors, ashtrays, air vents and in general the smallest and most insidious cracks.

The soft brush, on the other hand, is wider and is suitable for seats, carpets, sofas, armchairs and in general for leather or soft fabrics where dust lurks. 

The flexible tube allows both brushes to reach tight spaces where the main body would risk getting stuck and even the most difficult corners.

Using this vacuum cleaner is really very simple. Once charged with the USB cable, it turns on with a simple button positioned along the handle, immediately the aspirator will be running at full power.

The battery lasts about twenty minutes when fully charged (which takes about an hour), the time required for routine cleaning of your vehicle.

During suction, a LED located just at the base of the handle also lights up automatically: this small addition guarantees excellent visibility in the space of the car being cleaned.

Andeman 8000

Finally, the cleaning guaranteed by the 8000Pa is really good considering the small size of the vacuum cleaner.

Although the vacuum cleaner is designed for small spaces such as cars, I have also used it to vacuum the surface of my desk, sofa, desk and my cat tree without any hitch, thus revealing the versatility of a light and portable product. like this: the possibilities are truly endless! So, even if you don't have a car or you prefer to have it cleaned by someone who does it for work, you will have many other uses to test our Andean 8000.

But let's come to the price, a fundamental discriminant to decide whether or not to buy this product. The price list is around € 59 but thanks to our partner site Banggood you can take it home with a discount of up to 60% using our exclusive coupon. The shipment will take place from a warehouse located in Europe, then in 3 5-days it will be delivered to your home (without annoying customs taxes). Regarding the payment, no problem… it is of course possible to use PayPal to protect your purchases. I just have to leave you the link with its coupon and wish you good purchases!

️Andeman Portable Vacuum Cleaner 8000 Pa, 120W, Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner LED, Dual-Charge Mode, Wet Dry Cleaner for Home Office Cars

Andeman portable vacuum cleaner 8000 Pa, 120W, LED light

17€ 59€
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