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Android KitKat coming in for MediaTek devices

A few hours ago, a statement from the Taiwan giant appeared on the net MTK (Mediatek Corporation) that provides good news for all owners of a device equipped with Mediatek technology (virtually the 90% of smartphones made in China).

Months ago, a user initiative was launched to gather as many memberships as possible on an online petition so that it can communicate directly with Mediatek and convince it to release the sources to allow all developers in the world of carry porting of versions above Jelly Bean on their terminals.

Finally, Mediatek has decided that, while not releasing sources publicly, it will update most of its devices quad-core, among which MT6589 e MT6582octa-core MT6592 and also other models.


So we await the official nature of this "promise" to allow Mediatek devices to overcome Android 4.2 and receive the long-awaited update with the related improvements and optimizations, which could reach the end of April.

We take the opportunity to make a little reflection: maybe Xiaomi is delaying the update to KitKat of its devices since some of them mount Mediatek chips. so we hope in the release of the sources for a decisive and much-anticipated update!

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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