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Android Stock also on Mi3 and Mi4

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Xiaomi is gaining an ever bigger slice of the market with high quality products at a very affordable price. For its terminals, the Chinese giant adopts a custom ROM, MIUI, which has now come to the 6 version. Many however may not like the likeness of Apple iOS and would prefer to mount a pure Android version. Now a developer Xiaomi, then official, has released a stock version of Android compiled from AOSP sources.


Xiaomi devices have always had a well-looked look and a very personalized interface that, if it's great for native Chinese speakers, could create problems for international users: some applications only work in China, others are not fully translated. In general, you may not appreciate the look that makes the iOS 8in look somewhat brazen and prefer the vanilla look (the Google versions0ne stock).

To satisfy these users, an Xiaomi internal developer took the Android KitKat sources from the AOSP repository, compiled them with the official Xiaomi kernel, and made them available only for the top die tops, Mi3 and Mi4. Like all MIUI versions, the stock version of Android will have support for updates via OTA, which, according to the same developer, will be the only way to keep your phone up to date.

If MIUI was one of the reasons that stopped you buying a Xiaomi device, now you have no more excuses, you can go to the yellow side of the force.

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Source: Android Stock also on Mi3 and Mi4

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