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Antuto Benchmark: Xiaomi Redmi Notes, there is no one for 117 €! [28MILA]

You would normally associate with Chinese electronics a good value for money, the one that is capable of doing so Xiaomi Redmi Notes however, considering the shock price of 1000 ¥ (about 117 €), it's absolutely amazing!

How to from script, test results emerged on the network Antutu of the Xiaomi Redmi Notes and, as expected, are far superior to phones of the same price range. As we have already said , here, the Redmi Notes should come with two different levels of hardware: the first with a processor Mediatek MT6592 8-core by 1,7 Ghz, the second with Mediatek MT6592M 8-core by 1,4 Ghz. The under test device, powered by the first of the two, managed to break the wall of the 28MILA points!

Xiaomi Redmi Notes - Benchmark
To be precise, Redmi Notes has totaled 28091 points. An impressive result if we consider that the alleged sales price (in China) should be of 117 €. Other smartphones of the same price range, such as the Motorola Moto G, do not reach the 28MILA points anyway.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes - Benchmark
The surprise was the discovery that the [strange!] Version is the one from 1GB of RAM and not that of 2GB of RAM. Xiaomi may have decided to make only one 1GB version of RAM? We will know tomorrow 19 March, presentation and pre-sale day in Asia!

Are you curious eh? We are too! ;)
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