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A Swiss startup is preparing the alternative to Android and iOS

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Have you ever thought about an alternative to Android or iOS? If we think about it, the market is in one sense divided sharply between these two huge factions. We do not dwell on the differences between the two here because, in our opinion, it is also superfluous to talk about them. But we want to tell you that a Swiss startup is seriously thinking about an operating system that wants to revolutionize the world of smartphones. It's called AphyOS.

Is there an alternative to Android and iOS? Not yet, but soon it will be a reality although not free. Here is AphyOS, without Google services

The Swiss startup Apostrophy AG created an alternative operating system for smartphones focused on user privacy. It will be presented at the Davos Economic Forum soon. The new product will be presented by the founder of the company, Peter Nebe. The operating system is called AphyOS and is based on an open source build of Android called GrapheneOS. However, it is proposed as an alternative to Android and the bitten apple operating system.

aphyos alternative android

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Technically, support for Android software is assured, but there will be no integrated GMS services and Google Play Store. The programs will work in isolation modes, which will keep users' personal data secret. However, there is a "but". At the same time, the operating system will be paid - there is talk of a subscription, but it is not yet clear how much it will cost. However, Apostrophy intends to charge a subscription fee for a combination of software and services – its primary customers will be hardware manufacturers, not end users. It's kind of like the BlackBerry Internet Service.

It's also not reported how soon the new system will hit the market. On the hardware side, Petter Neby owns mobile brand Punkt, which makes smartphones for those who want to stay connected without being overwhelmed by the distraction industry. These will most likely receive AphyOS.

Why might an alternative operating system to Android and iOS be important?

An alternative operating system to Android and iOS could be considered important for several reasons. It may offer unique features, better security, better performance, or more customization than Android and iOS. It may also be a cheaper or easier option for some users to use. It's also possible that an alternative operating system could have fewer restrictions than Android and iOS, allowing developers to create more innovative applications.

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