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Xiaomi produces a large number of accessories for their smartphones and among the various gadgets there is no lack of earphones and headphones. The Piston series is definitely the most popular and the Piston Pro are the latest ones.


The Piston Pro are equipped with anodized aluminum enclosures that guarantee excellent sound performance. The inclination of 45 degrees offers high comfort and allows the earphones to not slip off the roof. The headphones use a double coil system and a mobile piston to produce a clear and natural sound, as well as balanced between low, medium and high.


Along the cable are the classic physical keys that allow you to change the track while listening and pause without the need to unlock the smartphone. Unfortunately the Piston Pro wires are not flat, which means that we may often find ourselves having to unravel the annoying knots that form regularly when the earphones are not carefully stored.


To accompany the earphones we find 4 set of silicone polishers of various sizes. The Piston Pro, available starting from the 11 Novembre, are an economical alternative to the headphones typically supplied with smartphones, which often do not offer a great listening experience, and are also uncomfortable.




Here you can buy your Xiaomi Piston Pro:

-56% Discount Code - Xiaomi In-Ear Hybrid Earphones Pro HD at 16 € a real best buy

Original Xiaomi Hybrid Pro Three Drivers Graphene Earphone Headphone With Mic

🇨🇳 Priority Direct Mail Shipping (7 / 15gg, No Customs) ✈

16€ 36€

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Marco D'Onofrio
not ready yet
Marco D'Onofrio

apart from design, what changes from current piston hybrid?

Simone Rodriguez

If I do not melt the technology used is similar. However, the spaced buttons are certainly more comfortable.

not ready yet

compared to Apple standards are more valid? on iphone have you tried it?

not ready yet

Taken, thank you.

Giuseppe Stendardi
not ready yet
Giuseppe Stendardi

I bought them and honestly have profoundly disappointed me, too, because I have the previous version that sounds pretty good. I wonder if they are "fake", they do not have the label with qrcode and they sound really bad. You what would you do?

Lorenzo Ferrigno
not ready yet
Lorenzo Ferrigno

but they are the normal hybrids ... what are you writing?

not ready yet

It says the code is no longer valid ...

Riccardo Karmator
not ready yet
Riccardo Karmator

nothing works

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