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ATOTO P9 – You can also abandon Android Auto and CarPlay, he is a real car PC

Today I bring to your attention a new multimedia system for older cars or ones that you simply want to make smarter and more modern. In particular, this complete review features the ATOTO P9, which boasts an elegant design and cutting-edge performance, in my opinion the best solution to the above question out there. However, you must not make the mistake of judging it as a common system capable of offering Android Auto and/or CarPlay wirelessly, ATOTO P9 is much more, I would define it as a real car PC.


The sales package is very carefully designed and above all the product inside is well protected from any impacts due to transport. In the sales box we find, in addition to the usual manuals and the P9 display, also a bracket for anchoring to the windshield/dashboard of the car, possibly to be combined with an additional silicone base for possible use of the bracket mentioned on the dashboard of the car, also adapting to plastics. curves. We then find a series of cables with fuses, to be inserted into the fuse compartment of the car, in order to power the device with the car key and make the start instant, in less than 2 seconds. Here a first problem arises, since if you are not familiar with it you will have to have an electrician do the work, but do not worry because the company is planning to release the same model with standard power supply, i.e. via cigarette lighter socket. Finally we find an AUX cable for connecting audio peripherals such as old MP3s, a microphone to improve audio conversations, a steering wheel remote control, a Type-C to USB-A socket adapter and some brackets and hooks to carry out cable management once installed the ATOTO P9.


ATOTO P9 presents itself with a very modern and elegant design, equipped with various multimedia inputs to expand the range of functions offered by the device. In fact, we find the SIM slot in nano format, as our gadget is able to work stand alone, therefore without the use of a smartphone. Then we find the input for micro SD and the one for the microphone. On the back there is the system speaker, but this is not the only way in which the ATOTO P8 manages to convey audio, also counting on FM, AUX and Bluetooth transmission. We then have the sensor for automatic adjustment of the display lighting and finally two USB Type-C inputs, one of which is dedicated to any dash cam (to be purchased separately) and the other to use USB sticks but also accessories such as a joystick , using the adapter supplied if necessary.

ATOTO P9 is equipped with a touchscreen display, 9 inches diagonal, thin and beautiful to look at just as if it were standard on a latest generation car. Once you turn on the display for the first time you will exclaim "WOW, it's really gorgeous" as the colors are very defined, the brightness is very high allowing you to read the contents on the screen even in sunlight. All things considered, it's like having a tablet at our service in your car. We are in fact talking about an IPS-LCD panel equipped with QLED technology and an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a viewing angle of 178°. The visual experience is therefore significantly better than many other products in this area. Precisely thanks to this display and the possibility of using applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and Youtube, we can enjoy video content of the highest level, even via USB support.


The ATOTO P9 includes a UNISOC UIS8581A OctaCore Cortex A55 processor, capable of reaching up to 1,6 GHz. Alongside, in addition to the PowerVR Rogue GE8322 video card, there are 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory internal.

In addition to all this, there is also the possibility of connecting to the smartphone's hotspot as 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi is supported but we also have other connection methods to have internet, i.e. via Bluetooth tethering, tethering USB and finally via integrated 4G modem, as the SIM slot is present. This means being truly independent from the smartphone, for example freeing ourselves from Android Auto and/or CarPlay, considering that through the Play Store already present in the system, we can download any application, such as Telegram and WhatsApp, but also games and much more, making in fact the ATOTO P9 is even more powerful than a traditional infotainment system in circulation. Clearly there is a USB input for reading multimedia content and charging external devices, as well as an SD input with memory expansion up to 512 GB.

On the software side we find the presence of Android 10, one of the most successful versions for these devices. In fact, we can, as happens on a tablet, create folders, change the background and insert widgets on the home page. We can use the three Android buttons to manage navigation but also take advantage of gestures. As already mentioned, the presence of the Google Play Store cannot be missing, which allows you to install more than 1000 applications, more particularly multimedia ones, for entertainment and navigation but also for home automation control, in fact Alexa is compatible. We also find a sort of ATOTO store where the compatible and best optimized apps for the system are recommended. We even have the possibility of making split screens, in order to use two apps at the same time. Finally, there is the possibility of using smartphone mirroring.

A point in favor of this ATOTO P9 is certainly the presence of the two software interfaces dedicated to the main mobile operating systems, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, in wireless mode. This means that you can take advantage of maximum integration with every smartphone for phone calls, messages, music, directions and more. But a real gem of this car monitor/tablet lies precisely in the integrated GPS, using online navigation with applications such as Google Maps or Waze but also offline, all with unparalleled precision.

Another point in favor of ATOTO P9 goes to the convenient remote control supplied which can be applied to the steering wheel or via double-sided tape, anchored to any point of the car. The remote control is powered by a button battery with an autonomy of at least 1 year. With the remote control we can control the volume, play/pause the track, skip forward/back, change the system, manage answered/ended calls and recall the functions dedicated to the cameras as well as the Siri/Google voice assistant . Very convenient for having the main functions of the product under control. The remote control also lights up in the dark. Another mention goes to the integrated ATOTO assistant, with which you can control all the system's functions without using your hands.


The new ATOTO P9 is one of those products not to be missed when you feel the need to update the interior of your car. Currently available on Amazon at a discounted price, it represents one of the most desired car gadgets of recent times, but now you can stop wishing and just make your dream come true.

In fact, the selling price goes from €389,90 to €319,50 thanks to a coupon on the purchase page and the additional coupon eiafullaIT of 6% to be added to the cart allows everyone to grab a copy of this technological marvel, with all Amazon guarantees and super fast shipping.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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