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Warning! Imitation of the Xiaomi Mi4 is already on sale!

Warning! Many Chinese buyers willing to buy a Xiaomi Mi4 have been cheated by dishonest stores selling clones.

Xiaomi products are always very demanding, and available stocks tend to run out quickly. Many factories and many dishonest dealers therefore exploit the great demand of Mi-phones to sell sneer imitation, swindling buyers.

The phenomenon is widespread in China, in fact the Xiaomi Mi4 clone is already on sale, and it's aesthetically very much like the original one. It also appears that the Antutu test is not capable of distinguishing the clone from the original, probably because of some installed software, but the clones in question mount 960 x 540 display, which is definitely difficult to confuse with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 display pixels.

Here are the clone images:

JiaYu F2
Clone Xiaomi MI4
Clone Xiaomi MI4

Have you ever mistakenly purchased a clone device?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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